The essence of spirituality and its relevance in the present era.

By - Abhudai Pal  

I am a spiritual, not religious person.

This is the statement I often hear from educated people. However, I ask them to give up their religious practices or explain them. Then they have nothing to discuss. 

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So, it is vital to understand what spirituality exactly means. 

For me, spirituality means seeing the exact form or nature of something, without any prejudice or bias, the true meaning. For, e.g., Why do different religions have different festivals? I believe they exist because our society has evolved over the thousand years of civilization. 

And in this process of evolution, work culture developed. To get relief from work, festivals evolved. A uniform day for all where every member of society socialize, celebrate, and enjoy.

Festivals certainly do not prove that one religion's festivals are superior to the other. 

If you are a spiritual person, you will try to find out the purpose/meaning of something. 

This concept does not require individuals to give up their daily life activities and practice daily. 

Spirituality and modern-life dilemma

In the globalized world, we all are connected. The availability of everything at our fingertips had made us impatient. We want to know about everything. 

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However, if we contemplate a bit. You will agree that most of the things we crave are nothing. They drain our energy and add no to less value to life. Using reasons to convince or control oneself before engaging in the unfruitful activity is the trait of a spiritual person. 

Spirituality compels you to look inward and help you make a better decision and overcome the so-called "modern-life dilemmas" one encounters daily.  

Spirituality and the identity 

We all are blessed with different qualities. However, when we look at the people around us. Subconsciously, we compare ourselves. That comparison, when it becomes conscious, creates issues. You feel, disheartened and an inferiority complex develops in you. 

This comparison proves that we do not value our own identity. We fail to accept that everyone is different. What I am good at, the other person might not be. 

A spiritual person accepts their identity the way they are and makes a continuous effort to improve rather than cringing. 

Spirituality and meditation 

Often people confuse spirituality as some form of religious practice. However, the beauty of spirituality is that it does not restrict itself to any spiritual practices. If an individual feels to follow religious
traditions, they can do. If not, then also they are welcome.

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Remember? What should not be lost?

True essence or meaning. 

Meditation for at least 5 or 10 minutes a day also helps unclutter the mind and improve the focus. Being spiritual, meditate daily! 

Spirituality and the work 

Many people's understanding of spirituality is to procrastinate their work. They argued that I am a spiritual person, and the work does not satisfy me. 

However, they are escaping from their responsibilities. A spiritual person always takes control of their life and prioritizes their work. 

In fact, it is their spiritualism that helps them to overcome the fear of procrastinating their work. Spirituality does not mean leaving home and running away from life's responsibility. 

Having such an understanding of life is of a muddle-head. 

Spirituality and other's choices

The way we are, we want everyone to see that way only. So, when this does not happen, we get anxious. 

When things got topsy-turvy, we panicked. Our desire to control everyone without respecting their individual choices also adds woes to our lives. 

While as a spiritual person, what you can do if you do not appreciate someone's behavior/understanding is either request them to alter or cut the connection with them. 

A spiritual person does not allow anyone to take more than a specific space in their brain.

For e.g., Lord Krishna respected her sister's choice of marrying Arjuna. In fact, helped her to turn the circumstances in her favor. 

Spirituality and the love 

A spiritual person understands that hating people drains oneself emotionally and mentally. While loving people is effortless and requires normalcy. 

A sense of respect for everyone and humble behavior is the hallmark of a spiritual person.

Practical Wisdom 

Spirituality helps you to overcome modern-life dilemmas. 

Spiritual people respect other choices. 

A person who makes reasoned choices is spiritual. 

Love for all malice for none helps a spiritual person smile and move forward in life. 


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