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Lord Krishna advice on How to live a life and When not to forgive a person.

By - Abhudai Pal   Happy Janamashtmi.  Every year all over the world, the Birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated. He was born on Ashtami Tithi of Krishnapaksh in Bhadrapada month.  Pic credit to the rightful owner.   Lord Krishna's approach to Life is the most practical among the plethora of Gods in India. His philosophy of Life is not entrenched in an idealism that is often impossible to practice. That is why I call him the coolest God .  The best aspect of Krishna's teaching is non-imposing. Even after lecturing Arjun, a.k.a Updesh, Krishna does not order him to follow his advice blindly. Instead, Krishna asked him to contemplate his advice.  And if that satisfies his conscience, then he may abide by them.  Although there is a lot to learn from Lord Krishna. Here, I will reiterate a part of his Updesh and his advice on tolerance in Life.  First, Krishna says the ultimate goal of this Life is to attain Moksha, i.e., to be free from the circle of death and birth. This philosop

The cause of Mahabharata! Could Bhism Pitamah had subverted the War?

By - Abhudai Pal  Bloodshed! Bloodbath! Hue and Cries!  The whimpering of widows! The grave silence! Broken families and civilization decimated!  Pic credit to the rightful owner. Just imagine a scene with the above situation(s). You will shudder! And, you should cry, regret, repent, shout, and feel the agony in your arteries and veins.  What led to the birth of such a scenario?  Is it because of an individual's ill-intention?  Could this be prevented?  In my mind, plenty of questions arises regarding such dystopia.  The answer to all of my questions is just one word.   "WAR" It is the WAR that gave birth to these scenarios. Who wins in a war? I do not know! However, it is the entire humanity that loses because of a WAR.  If I had told you, the WAR I am talking about could have been prevented just because of one person. And that person stayed silent because of his commitments.  Would you revere him?  I am talking about India's most famous Epic, "THE MAHABHARATA.&

The essence of spirituality and its relevance in the present era.

By - Abhudai Pal   I am a spiritual , not religious person. This is the statement I often hear from educated people. However, I ask them to give up their religious practices or explain them. Then they have nothing to discuss.  Pic credit  So, it is vital to understand what spirituality exactly means.  For me, spirituality means seeing the exact form or nature of something, without any prejudice or bias, the true meaning. For, e.g., Why do different religions have different festivals? I believe they exist because our society has evolved over the thousand years of civilization.  And in this process of evolution, work culture developed. To get relief from work, festivals evolved. A uniform day for all where every member of society socialize, celebrate, and enjoy. Festivals certainly do not prove that one religion's festivals are superior to the other.  If you are a spiritual person, you will try to find out the purpose/meaning of something.  This concept does not require

Why Lord Krishna preaching's should be imbibed by youth.

By - Abhudai Pal  Happy Janmashtami!  Among the plethora of GODS worshipped in different religions. The only GOD which fascinated me is Hindu GOD KRISHNA. Considering what is practiced under the garb of religion worldwide has convinced me to hate all religions impartially. And I do that unapologetically.  However, exceptions are everywhere. So does exist in the world of GOD's. And, undoubtedly, the Philosophies of Lord Krishna on living life and overcoming life’s challenges, I admire the most.  Lord Krishna and Arjun For millions of his followers, he might be a GOD. While I felt more blessed in considering him as my friend cum life coach cum political adviser.   My affinity for my friend Krishna is not based on selfish motives or blind faith. It is his rationale and philosophies that enticed me the most.  Few reasons why I admire Lord Krishna;  Krishna and Idealism In most holy scriptures, it is said to forgive enemies despite his deeds, i.e., to practice Idealism unconditionally.

The greatest and the most uncontroversial ideal ruler of India

By - Abhudai Pal  What are the qualities of an ideal ruler ? You might say: Whose policies are pro citizens Understand and value's the relation of him/her wit h the kingdom Who is brutal to law violators and forgiving to his/her enemies Had Serving attitu de rather than ruling Flourishing his kingdom culture and keeping the place for others too Enriches its kingdom Was there any ruler in history, who could fulfill some, if not all qualities of an ideal leader as mentioned above? Yes, in Indian History there was an ideal king. If you are curious about politics and want to become the voice of the helpless, then you could learn a lot from this ideal ruler/king. Let me introduce you to the qualities of this great ideal ruler. Qualities of the Ideal Ruler His decision-making ability was inclusive and uncontroversial. He was the epitome of the valor. His administrative ability was not myopic. Born to be the king without difficulties but ended up facing a lot of struggles. Dealing effic