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Why to be hesitant in calling a Spade a Spade? The tale of Rohit and Chitra.

By - Abhudai Pal  So do you abuse? Asked Rohit to Chitra,  Do you mean assault? Replied Chitra Not assault, so let me be precise with my question. Do you use swear words? Asked Rohit again to Chitra, Pic credit to She replied, "No," with a smirk.  In a way, Chitra was right. The word abuse carries deeper meaning rather than just the use of "swear words."  With such stupid talks, the familiarity/friendship between both of them evolved.  Rohit was a person whose notion of romance was akin to the ideal love stories of the world. Rather than dreaming of one night, his ideas of romance were poetic, abstract, and hard to find. He knows that such expectations of the world are irrational.  Despite knowing everything, this was one aspect of his life in which he did not want to compromise. He wants his partner to be ideal and his love story to be as devoted, dedicated, and passionate as Heer and Ranjha, Romeo and Juliet, etc.  Slowly and steadily, like every oth

In our quest for valentine, Do we understand why valetine day is celebrated and what is love?

By - Abhudai Pal    Happy Valentine's day!  Whenever it comes to wishing this day, people often see it as a strange day. Those who dislike this term it as the influence of western culture.  However, the same set of people has no problem with Father's Day, Mother's Day, New year, etc., which too are consequences of western culture.  Pic credit  The peak of Hypocrisy!   Since every relation has a day. So this day is reserved to celebrate/cherish your relationship with your partner. Historically, this day's meaning is also understood without proper context.  In fact, Saint Valentine spread the message of love around the world. Love for your fellow human beings. It was not mandated to limit the nature of love that couples share for one another. Its context shrinks with time, and now it is used only in that context. When it comes to love or loving your partner. Do we really comprehend what it is or how to feel it?  Is it solely because of the flow of hormones? 

The essence of spirituality and its relevance in the present era.

By - Abhudai Pal   I am a spiritual , not religious person. This is the statement I often hear from educated people. However, I ask them to give up their religious practices or explain them. Then they have nothing to discuss.  Pic credit  So, it is vital to understand what spirituality exactly means.  For me, spirituality means seeing the exact form or nature of something, without any prejudice or bias, the true meaning. For, e.g., Why do different religions have different festivals? I believe they exist because our society has evolved over the thousand years of civilization.  And in this process of evolution, work culture developed. To get relief from work, festivals evolved. A uniform day for all where every member of society socialize, celebrate, and enjoy. Festivals certainly do not prove that one religion's festivals are superior to the other.  If you are a spiritual person, you will try to find out the purpose/meaning of something.  This concept does not require

Is it okay to test-drive someone prior relationship? A perspective on relationship.

By - Abhudai Pal    “Main Toh Test Drive Kiye Bina Gaddi Bhi Na Kharidu.”   A dialogue of the movie Veere Di Wedding The above sentence translates as “I will never buy a car without a test drive.” This is worthy advice for a potential car buyer. However, the context of the above advice is not related to the car market. The above advice is in the context of relationships. Therefore according to the speaker, before getting into a relationship with anyone, you should take a  “test-drive”  of your potential partner. However, how to conduct the test drive  while choosing the mate is unclear? Pic credit I agree with the speaker that “test-drive” is important, in context of the car markets. However, if this advice is applied to relationships without proper understanding of the "test-drive," I have apprehensions. If test-drive means to evaluate “the partner performance in bed,” prior commitment.  It indicates that sex is the sole reason to get committed. This

Are you committing the same mistake as Shrey in your relationship?

By - Abhudai Pal Things weren’t really fine. The long hour’s talks, midnight confessions, and the future plans woven by both were tormented by the circumstances, circumstances of pseudo practicality which were shadowed by the clouds of disloyalty, trust deficit, and aloofness. Shrey and Shriyasi's relationship was the “Role Model” of the college. These love birds were famous in college and their anniversary cakes read “Best Relationship Ever”. The teachers of the college had to acknowledge their dedication towards each other besides applauding the academic excellence of both. Time flies, you had to acknowledge either willingly or unwillingly. On the farewell ceremony, both were honored with the title, “Perfect Complement” since they were economics students.  If there was an award for “College Couple” they would definitely win. Shrey and Shriyashi's name deserved to be engraved in the “Successful College Couple” records if there existed any. Both had different ambitions for th