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Victoria's Love - Tale of valid expectation or insecurity! Lessons from her relationship!

By - Abhudai Pal   Victoria , an undergraduate girl, had average expectations from life. She was a rationalist and meticulous in her life choices. If you meet her, you will be surprised how someone could be so sorted! Friendliness and Helping everyone in her personal capacities were qualities she was known for. Albeit, she has plans for every stage in her life. However, life has the habit of going topsy-turvy. Pic credit  So the calm, stable, and jolly girl life was shocked by Aman, her college friend. A few months ago, when Aman asked for Victoria's help in an assignment, even she had not thought some "help" would be emotionally taxing. Actually, after the help, romantic developments happened. Usually, Victoria used to avoid such stuff. However, hormones do exist! And with Aman, her hormones ruled over her rationality. When Aman proposed to her, she could not resist and fell for him. No one had thought that she would fall at this juncture. Even she was surpr

How Youth's Focus is linked with the Digital World

By - Abhudai Pal    “I learned that focus is the key.  Not just in running a company but in your personal life as well.” Tim Cook   When C.E.O of one of the world's largest company “Apple”, says something, he must be heard and followed. The keyword in Mr. Cook's quote is “FOCUS” Oxford Dictionary defines the Verb Focus as a means to give attention, effort, etc to one particular subject, situation, or person rather than another. Thus, it is wise to conclude that Focus is a vital factor in a person’s success. FOCUS AND STATISTICAL EVIDENCE But regarding focus, my findings do not assist me in reaching a meaningful and statistically significant conclusion. Because according to a report the human focus or attention ability has decreased but BBC contradicts such a claim. On the other hand, a report suggests a positive relationship between the person screen time and his decreasing productivity. And it’s a known fact that, if you are spending time on a cellphone, chances that you a

6 Major Differences, You Should Know Between Love and Infatuation.

By - Abhudai Pal and Anubhav Pal Teenage, the period of life when you begin to step out from home alone, witness the world from your eyes and get a little experience of dealing with strangers. Some experiences are good while some horrifying. The most enticing experience in teenage is the attraction towards the opposite sex. The tragedy of this age is that you feel in the same way for every guy/girl you stare and develops the belief he/she is your soul mate. Melodies of songs such as – You, do you remember me?, Baby I am addicted!, Finally find you, girl! Songs similar to these play in your mind on repeat whenever you encounter a Tall, Handsome guy or a beautiful lady. I believe teenage love is free from conspiracies and  auditing of the person before falling for the guy/girl. But at this age what you feel for every person is not love. What you feel only for the one might be called love. There exists a word which defines your feeling for every person you see and conside

Why teenage sex is unhealthy and affects a teenager's overall development? The parents' silence deserves a break!

By - Abhudai Pal Finally, I did it. Wow, Really, Great, How, When, Where? Wait, have a seat and elucidate your experience to me in detail. How did he/she agree? Was it exciting, something which makes you feel like heaven as showed on screens? How did you do it? You are our guru now!! Tell me from the beginning, I want to hear every detail. The conversation you read above is one among the several discussions of a teenage group. They are not discussing any academic or non-academic achievement but an achievement which fetched glory especially for a boy in his friend circle. Let us pay a little attention to the choice of the words on the achievement of the first sexual experience that the teenager is bragging about. "Finally I did it" . Yes, a lady/gentlemen had sex in his teenage. Is it a licentious behavior? Two people mutually decided to explore each other, it must neither be offensive nor illegitimate. But is it okay to have in

Young India- An asset or a liability. The crisis we are heading to.

By- Abhudai Pal “Arise, awake and Stop not, till the goal is achieved”. Swami Vivekananda Swami Vivekananda's work for humanity inspires generations. He is a true youth icon for every youth of the world. He believed that the best way to develop a nation goes via investment in its youth. To honor him, Swami G's birth anniversary is celebrated as National Youth Day in India on 12th of January every year. What swami G said a century ago stays relevant till now, his advice to invest in the Youth of a Nation , deserves heed right now, as India is the youngest country in the world. Half of India’s population is below 25 years of age and 2/3rd of India’s population falls below 35 years of age. We possess a huge amount of energy. Now I understand the reason for so many young and charming faces in Metros! I wonder that, if the number of youth at present is so much then at some point in the past, India must have witnessed a high fertility rate. Just Imagine the era, when

Teenage: the most Vulnerable to side effects of Porn? You can help to deal with this!

By - Abhudai Pal “I bet my collection will be better than the rest of the class”. A Teenager The 'collection' is a weapon more harmful than the 'Poison'. Poison consumption kills you for once, but the weapon every teenager boasts to possess is his/her Porn Collection, which is degrading him/her daily. Yes, you read it right. Porn is one of the most potential and secretive weapons destroying the teenage life. No wonder, teenagers take pride in their collection, as the average age of exposure to Porn is ' 10-year old', prior even to the beginning teenage. The predominant consumer of Pornographic content is “Teenage Boys and Girls" but girls are far less compared to boys. During teenage, the curiosity about sex is at peak, therefore to extinguish his/her curiosity teenagers introduce themselves to PORN. What the porn industry shows is the violent and exaggerated form of sex which is practically impossible to experience in real life. Hence, When a