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The one Stop solution for all problems of your life..

By - Abhudai Pal  Frustrated! Confused!! Anxious!!! Worried!! Depressed! If your life situation matches one or more than one word mentioned above. Then, Ladies/Gentleman, you aren’t alone in your battle against them.  Sometimes the intensity of frustration, confusion, and worry amplifies, thus affecting your productivity. The turbulence of emotions cripples your behavior and makes you numb. Everyone goes through tough times in his/her life irrespective of his socio-economic status.  If you were to ask me: Is there anything in this world which is the solution to all problems of life? I have to say Yes, there is.  Meditation – is the solution to all problems of your life.  What you are seeking now, in the 20th century, was discovered long ago by Lord Buddha and other religious practices in different forms.  Origin  of Meditation   Traces of Meditation are found in India. The Upanishad and Vedic text implied to meditation practices. Buddhism too devised a meditation known as “Vipassana”.

Why idealism in youth is vital for a nation? Is the youth of the 21st century idealistic?

By - Abhudai Pal  Give me just one generation of youth and I will transform the whole world. Vladimir Lenin   There must be something very special about youth, which compelled the famous Russian revolutionary to praise youth in such a strong way. Otherwise, among plenty of things available on earth, Lenin might have asked for anything but he demanded only youth. If a great revolutionary emphasizes youth then there must be some extraordinary-powers with them. I wonder that, does the youth of the present day meet Lenin's aspiration? I think Lenin must have aspired for youth engrossed in idealism. Not just Lenin aspired for idealistic youth. Even, our country needs an idealistic youth to prevent corruption because idealism is lacking in India’s youth . I am not saying it, this is indicated by the report of the committee on the prevention of the corruption, on page 109 the reports read , “Ways and means have to be found to ensure that idealism and patriotism have the proper place in

Top Ten reasons to prove, “You are really lucky”.

By - Abhudai Pal This too shall pass! The sentence conveys that, whatever we see, feel, watch and experience is not eternal. Thus, the temporary problems we perceive as permanent is nothing but the illusion of the mind.  The way our society has programmed us is taxing us. Why the habit of visualizing the half-empty glass is imbibed in us? The preachings of society have programmed us in a way that we consider only the negative aspects of life.  How could you be creative, when your mind focuses only on: How painful is my life? How everyone is interested in pulling my legs? How bad luck is my companion? The arrival of these thoughts is not a concern. The concern is that you approve your self-immolating thoughts. The moment your mind thinks, “I am not worthy of this prize”. Your mind begins to collect the data of all competitions in which you failed. It recollects the memories of your peers mocking you and reminds you of your loses. But, none of your past wins . The m

The ordinary secret of living an extraordinary life.

By- Abhudai Pal In a world of millions of businesses ranging from small ones to the “Too Big to Fail” ones, Why so few succeed? Do they focus on something extraordinary? What differentiates GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, TESLA, WALMART and AMAZON from others? Without officially holding any of the government offices these companies are no less influential than the incumbency? Is hard work the only doctrine followed by them to be a brand? Out of 24 hours in a day, what are the procedures/operations of these companies for doing exceptionally well in their fields? When the CEO of a company advises working hard, Does he always mean hard-work or some key element which he is trying to deliver that doesn’t get understood by everybody? Can the policy they follow be imbibed in our day to day life so that we might at least live a happy life, if not an extraordinary one. What is the main factor? The one and the most important factor which these companies are unwilling to compromise with is  

Self-Victimization: 'The Road to Hell'. Does self-victimizing yourself over petty issues strengthen you?

By - Abhudai Pal “If the cry of the wolf is made too often as a prank, when the actual wolf appears no one will be there to protect you” Do you remember the story of a Shepherd and the Villagers? The shepherd of the village made fake cries so that villagers ran to save him and his sheep from a wolf. He repeated this numerous times and the villagers understood that his intent was to annoy others. One-day the wolf appeared and when he shouted for help, no one came considering it as another prank of Mr. Shepherd, and the wolf ate all his sheep. This Childhood story has greater implications for us to be imbibed in our personal life. It is better not to be funny in serious issues of life. Else the loss in life might be more than Shepherd’s sheep! Is it okay to be funny in a matter of significance? What if he/she might be hurt? What level of extremity is okay with friends? What is the parameter of crossing a limit, especially with friends? If you are the type of per

The idol you desperately need to follow on new-year and for the rest of your life!!

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Anonymous You must have heard this proverbial phrase somewhere, but a  deep understanding to implement it in our daily life is missing so that you may accept life’s challenges and learn to deal with them rather than demeaning yourself. Many individuals find it daunting to seek opportunity in calamity. The main contributors to such behaviour are past experiences. The past incidences shackle your present and make you lackadaisical. You might hesitate to do something productive, because of past-impressions, at least some may be.   When You thought of proposing your love, writing a poem or making an amazing presentation for your boss; your mind plays games with you, reminding you: “How your presentations ended up being a laughing stock for peers”? The poem you penned was mocked in your friend circle! Your beloved one called you too ugly to date! The images of people mocking you, roll in your mind like a movie, making you scared