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Why to be hesitant in calling a Spade a Spade? The tale of Rohit and Chitra.

By - Abhudai Pal  So do you abuse? Asked Rohit to Chitra,  Do you mean assault? Replied Chitra Not assault, so let me be precise with my question. Do you use swear words? Asked Rohit again to Chitra, Pic credit to She replied, "No," with a smirk.  In a way, Chitra was right. The word abuse carries deeper meaning rather than just the use of "swear words."  With such stupid talks, the familiarity/friendship between both of them evolved.  Rohit was a person whose notion of romance was akin to the ideal love stories of the world. Rather than dreaming of one night, his ideas of romance were poetic, abstract, and hard to find. He knows that such expectations of the world are irrational.  Despite knowing everything, this was one aspect of his life in which he did not want to compromise. He wants his partner to be ideal and his love story to be as devoted, dedicated, and passionate as Heer and Ranjha, Romeo and Juliet, etc.  Slowly and steadily, like every oth

Kidnapped Sita finds a friend in Lanka.

By - Abhudai Pal  “Birds of a feather flock together”. Anonymous I think that when Mr anonymous said the above words. He wasn’t taught the rule of exceptions. Because if he was, then his quote must have included words like except, mostly, probably, in most cases, etc either as prefix or suffix. I am not making fun of the maxim. But, there is really an exception when this maxim failed. I will tell you one such incidence from the Indian Mythology “THE RAMAYANA”.   Let’s begin. To take revenge on chopping of his sister’s nose from Lord Ram. The king of Lanka “Ravana” kidnapped Sita, the wife of Ram, and took her to Lanka. It is said that “Ravana didn’t touch Sita without her consent”, to praise him. The reason behind it could be that he has watched the movie PINK. Jokes apart! He didn’t touch her because he was cursed that, “If he will touch any lady without her consent”. Then his head will be split into 7 pieces. So next time, Before you gave your “Not touching Sita” argument to prais

The Tragedy of Sometimes!

By - ABHUDAI PAL SOMETIMES, I win. My win feeds my ego to perform better. SOMETIMES, I lose. My failure generates in me a shudder. SOMETIMES, I feel Relationships are great. I must have one. SOMETIMES, I enjoy my solitude. Feel glad to have none. SOMETIMES, I have amazing ideas. I worked and succeed. SOMETIMES, I Hate my Ideas. I choose not to pay heed. SOMETIMES, I feel thankful for my blessings from GOD. SOMETIMES, In difficulties, I whisper, why me LORD? SOMETIMES, I get appreciations from my writings. SOMETIMES, Out of frustration, I choke many things. SOMETIMES, I enjoy talking to friends for hours. SOMETIMES, I wonder, why are they so sour? SOMETIMES, I pray for the prosperity of every individual. SOMETIMES, I curse the Education system for being so critical. SOMETIMES, Writing helps me to vent my emotions out. SOMETIMES, My Writings contradict me, I feel self clout. SOMETIMES, I love my being punctual. SOMETIMES, I feel sad for my behavior dysfunctional. SOMETIMES, I repent, why

Do you have that Khilona in your life? Nikita and Nakul a tale with lots of lessons?

By - Abhudai Pal When you were a kid you must be fond of a Khilona (Toy). You were ready to fight against the whole world if your Khilona was missing.  Do you remember the days when you were highly possessive about your Khilona? You kept your Khilona with the utmost care. Your Khilona was: The first one you wished good-morning. You took your Khilona everywhere with you as your companion albeit it didn’t respond, but listened to you peacefully. You give your Khilona a sip of your milk, a morsel of your lunch, Dinner etc You slept beside your Khilona and if you were too possessive you sang a lullaby to make the inanimate object go to sleep. Even in your dreams, you built castles in the AIR with your Khilona to roam around the world. Remember, How you were ready to fight with your parents if they threatened to throw/steal your Khilona? The days of childhood are the testimonies of our innocence and gullibility to believe everything and how small things matter a lot to us.

Have You Asked Best 8 Questions From Your Friend? Your Friendship Deserves An Audit!

By - Abhudai Pal When you were born. Your father, mother, brothers, sisters, and relatives were your gift from GOD. These are the people who share, the joy of your first walk, tears of the first day in school, first speech in school assembly, first prize, your marriage etc. Without them, life is unmelodious. Their existence creates music in life. Friends, what’s their role? Which aspect of life remains unexplored  without friends? What is unique about the bonds of two  or more people that they hold on despite  the unbearable habit(s) of their mates?  What we understand as friendship, isn’t that an  illustration of “Birds of a feather  flocks together” ? Is friendship a  scheme of mutual  benefit ?   Do you know? The appreciating aspect of FRIENDSHIP, 'You choose the person with whom you surrender yourself willingly'. Isn’t it so? No one is being imposed on you? You speak your heart out to the person without a second thought. You party,