Why Lord Krishna preaching's should be imbibed by youth.

By - Abhudai Pal 

Happy Janmashtami! 

Among the plethora of GODS worshipped in different religions. The only GOD which fascinated me is Hindu GOD KRISHNA. Considering what is practiced under the garb of religion worldwide has convinced me to hate all religions impartially. And I do that unapologetically. 

However, exceptions are everywhere. So does exist in the world of GOD's. And, undoubtedly, the Philosophies of Lord Krishna on living life and overcoming life’s challenges, I admire the most. 

Lord Krishna and Arjun
For millions of his followers, he might be a GOD. While I felt more blessed in considering him as my friend cum life coach cum political adviser.  

My affinity for my friend Krishna is not based on selfish motives or blind faith. It is his rationale and philosophies that enticed me the most. 

Few reasons why I admire Lord Krishna; 

Krishna and Idealism

In most holy scriptures, it is said to forgive enemies despite his deeds, i.e., to practice Idealism unconditionally. Whereas, according to Krishna, Forgiveness, as a virtue, must be practiced, but not always. 

For instance, he punished “Shishupal” when he crossed 100 sins because he promised Shisupal’s mother that he would forgive his son's 100 sins. 

Krishna showed Durodhan his apt place when Duroyodhan ordered to put him in prison. So, As per Krishna, “Be Good” with the condition applied. Put it differently, Do not allow anyone to cross the limits. 

Krishna the liberal and non-imposing God

The underlining philosophy of worshipping GOD everywhere is based on “FEAR OF GOD.”However, this GOD is of a different league. He doesn’t care whether someone follows him or not. 

In fact, after Preaching to Arjun in Kurukshetra, he did not compel him to follow/believe his philosophy. Rather, he said to Arjun that if my teaching satisfies your conscience, then only believe them else do not. 

Right to choose kept Intact!

This is GOD like attitude. Believe me or not, I will remain what I am.

Krishna and Emphasis on the law of Karma 

If to be summarized in a sentence, Lord Krishna's teaching would be  “You will reap what you sow.” If he wanted, he would have avoided the “MAHABHARATA”:, but he did not. 

Because he created humans and gave them the "right to choose." And unfortunately, the humans of that era chosen war. 

From Lord Krishna, we must learn that we should not meddle in other's affairs. However, advice about the consequences, if asked. 

Ultimately, No one escapes from the results of their karma. 

Krishna and relationships

In the Krishna era, if stories are to be believed, he was a man of ladies. Preferred by many but reserved for one. The one he was reserved for was Radha. 

Unfortunately, he could not marry her. Despite that, his name is remembered with his Girlfriend, “Radhey-Krishna,” not his wife, "Rukmani."

That is something we must think about!

He was a liberal person, not like guys who want to have a relationship with every girl but cannot digest a relationship for their sister. In fact, he supported her sister’s love marriage and helped her to overcome a complicated scenario.  

Subhadra Fleeing Arjun 

The scenario was, if Arjuna will flee his sister, then Krishna had to challenge him for a fight. And Arjun would not fight against Krishna because he respects him a lot. To overcome, this situation he asked his Sister “Subhadra” to flee Arjun. 

In this scenario, whom will he oppose, his own sister? So, it was Krishna’s wit that helped Arjun and Subhadra to get married. 

Krishna and his politics

Lord Krishna was a shrewd politician. He has every weapon in his arsenal to defeat the vileness of Shakuni. As a politician (ruler of Mathura), his policy focus was pro-poor and pro-women.

I believe that Politicians worldwide should heed Krishna's way of Governance. Especially one with a Neo-Liberal economic and feudalistic mindset. 

Practical Wisdom 

  • Krishna's preachings are non-imposing and free from fear of anything. 
  • You are bound to reap what you sow. 
  • Do not meddle in the affair of others. 
  • Your sister can, too, be in a relationship. It is not a criminal act. 
  • The politics of Krishna is based on the principle of "welfare-state," i.e., to help deprived sections of society institutionally. 

Thank you for your time. Have an awesome day ahead. Will be obliged if you will share this post.

Regards - Practical Wisdom


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