Lord Krishna advice on How to live a life and When not to forgive a person.

By - Abhudai Pal  

Happy Janamashtmi. 

Every year all over the world, the Birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated. He was born on Ashtami Tithi of Krishnapaksh in Bhadrapada month. 

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Lord Krishna's approach to Life is the most practical among the plethora of Gods in India. His philosophy of Life is not entrenched in an idealism that is often impossible to practice. That is why I call him the coolest God

The best aspect of Krishna's teaching is non-imposing. Even after lecturing Arjun, a.k.a Updesh, Krishna does not order him to follow his advice blindly. Instead, Krishna asked him to contemplate his advice. 

And if that satisfies his conscience, then he may abide by them. 

Although there is a lot to learn from Lord Krishna. Here, I will reiterate a part of his Updesh and his advice on tolerance in Life. 

First, Krishna says the ultimate goal of this Life is to attain Moksha, i.e., to be free from the circle of death and birth. This philosophy believes in the principle of incarnation. 

There is no single way to attain Moksha. You can choose your own pathway. According to Shrimad Bhagwad Gita (A holy text which contains the Updesh of Lord Krishna), there are three ways to "Moksha." 

1- Karmyoga 

In this way, an individual must do his work and detach himself/herself from the outcome. A person can attain Moksha simply by going through the crest and trough of Life. 

This Yoga (way of Life) does not require you to live in a deserted place and practice penance. 

For, e.g., In the Battle of Mahabharta, Arjun was in a dilemma about how he could kill his own relatives. Then, Lord Krishna advised him, "Arjun, on the battlefield, there are warriors whose primary objective is to wage war against its opponent."  

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If you lack the courage to take up your arm now. You are doing injustice with your duty/karma. Therefore, after much conviction, Arjun lifted his bow and listened to his call of duty. 

2- Gyanyoga 

When a person treads on the path to seek answers to questions like, 

Who am I? 

Where do I come from? 

What am I supposed to do? 

What is the meaning of Life? 

Then the person follows the path of Gyanyoga. An individual might or might not take the help of any guru in his pursuit of such a deep philosophical and intriguing question. 

This way to Moksha is said as Moksha through the practice of "self-realization." 

3- Bhakti yoga

If you are the one who remembers God all the time. You have left everything to devote yourself to the God you believe in. 

Then, your path to attaining Moksha is Bhakti-yoga. 

Among all the three types of Yoga described by Lord Krishna, He emphasized that Karmayoga is the best among them. You do not have to leave your worldly possessions to attain Moksha. It encourages you to choose a Karma and be truthful to that. 

So, on this Janamashtmi, let's vow to practice Karmyoga sincerely and attain Moksha. 

Krishna on Tolerance

Often in Life, we are annoyed by the deliberate hurting actions of others and are done with forgiving them. In that case, what should be done? 

Let's understand what Lord Krishna does, 

Shishupal, Krishna's cousin, due to some personal grudge, was habituated to bad mouth, Krishna. Considering his habit, Shishupal's mother asked Krishna to forgive his cousin. Therefore, Krishna promised Shishupal's mother that he would forgive her son hundred times.

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But on one Hundred and one times, he will be punished. 

Similarly, we, too, can forgive some people to a limit. And after that, what is the point in allowing others' deliberate action to consistently rob you of your mental piece? You know what to do! 

To put it another way, forgive people for their deeds which are immoral according to you. And unforgiving for their unethical acts. Because personal morality varies while ethically wrong is wrong in the eyes of everyone. 

Practical Wisdom

Happy Bday to Lord Krishna. 

Krishna's philosophies are most practical. 

Karmyoga is the best Yoga to attain Moksha. 

Be forgiving up to an extent only. 


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