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The essence of spirituality and its relevance in the present era.

By - Abhudai Pal   I am a spiritual , not religious person. This is the statement I often hear from educated people. However, I ask them to give up their religious practices or explain them. Then they have nothing to discuss.  Pic credit  So, it is vital to understand what spirituality exactly means.  For me, spirituality means seeing the exact form or nature of something, without any prejudice or bias, the true meaning. For, e.g., Why do different religions have different festivals? I believe they exist because our society has evolved over the thousand years of civilization.  And in this process of evolution, work culture developed. To get relief from work, festivals evolved. A uniform day for all where every member of society socialize, celebrate, and enjoy. Festivals certainly do not prove that one religion's festivals are superior to the other.  If you are a spiritual person, you will try to find out the purpose/meaning of something.  This concept does not require