Avoid this catastrophic mistake and keep your relationship happy forever.

By - Abhudai Pal

DisclaimerThis writing might change your perception of relationships.

"Every person with balanced hormone dreams to be in a relationship in his/her life. Relationships are enticing for teenagers and adults, satisfactory for Middle age people and Over-rated according to the old people". 
Pari and Nakul said in a dishearted mood.

The gradual shift in perception from enticing to satisfactory and finally tagging it as Overrated intrigues me a lot.

In Teenage/Youth, the gentleman/lady who aspires to amble in a park holding each other hands, talking for hours, preparing favorite dishes to appease their partner, saying sorry multiple times for no reason and being angry for the sake of experiencing partners cajoling.

Let’s enter into the Middle age.

The glamorous skin of youth fades. The person enters into his Middle age due to TIME. Whether a middle-aged person convinces himself/herself for losing the charm of their skin or regrets, is subject to an individual's discretion.  In this age, a person concludes the relationship as Satisfactory.

Finally, in Old-Age, the experience which was craved every moment in youth is termed as "over-rated".

Don’t you think, the shift of perceptions deserves serious consideration?

What could be the factors for the huge paradigm shift?

The relationship sustains and strengthens if and only if some gestures remains the same through life. 

Lagaav, a kind-hearted guy invested himself emotionally and in every possible way to marry the girl he adored.  In his youth, he wrote letters, made cards, prepared food and took care of every aspect of her beloved lady.

Pari, her partner did reciprocate in the same way although it was cumbersome for Lagaav to convince her to trust his love.

Few years down the line, the activities both did in the past as a token of love began to disappear. Time flies and in this flight of time, it sucked the romance from the life of Lagaav and Pari.

The pleasing and sincere gestures of thanking and greeting each other. The soulful touches, tension squeezing tight hugs, random pats on the back and unnecessary teases, unsolicited kisses etc. All the small romantic things which they once did were missing completely.

The long hour talks which were an integral part of their dinner time was nowhere. Both were busy in their mundane aspects, without any affection for each other. Lagaav and Pari have lost that spark which they had at the beginning of their relationship.

The only reason for their relationship to sustain was the result of their past romances in the form of Children.

What did happen in their life, which made the relationship dull and boring?

Why did both stop to do all these small romantic things?

Nothing serious happened in their life. The sole reason which made the "emulating relationship" similar to a living corpse, was the behaviors of both to please each other which they could not keep further due to practical aspects of life.

Some behaviors of both were:

A date every weekend from Lagaav.
Pari's hand-made cards for Lagaav.
Frequent gifts and roses for Pari.
Spending a hefty amount for Lagaav attire.

Who asked Lagaav to do over-romantic stuff, i.e. a date every weekend, when he knows he won't be able to afford it?

Why did Pari lost her wits and spent money on cards when expenses couldn't be covered?

The small romantic things both shared weren't due to the connection of hearts. They were the consequences of external parameters, which when remaining unfulfilled cost the happiness of the relationship. If their small romantic things were independent of external parameters then Pari's and Lagaav relationship must be enticing irrespective of age.

Lagaav has forgotten the meaning of his name, While Pari forgot to fly back into that time when she spreads the wing of her romance and drenches Lagaav with her voice. The time when small romantic things came from the heart and not from the fulfillment of external parameters.

Practical Wisdom:

Never base your relationship happiness on temporary things, they may complement your relationship happiness but not in any way must be made an integral part of your relationship.

To keep your relationship shine like an emerald just treat your partner the same way from the beginning to the end of life, so no invalid expectations are either formed or served.

Your relationship must be enticing for you irrespective of your age, if not else read it again!


  1. Who say relationship fadw with time .Relationship with your partners is like a drug .You become habitual of company of others .It like Tom &Jerry .You complain & Fight but not you cannot live without others


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