Do you have that Khilona in your life? Nikita and Nakul a tale with lots of lessons?

By - Abhudai Pal

When you were a kid you must be fond of a Khilona (Toy). You were ready to fight against the whole world if your Khilona was missing.  Do you remember the days when you were highly possessive about your Khilona? You kept your Khilona with the utmost care.

Your Khilona was:
The first one you wished good-morning.

You took your Khilona everywhere with you as your companion albeit it didn’t respond, but listened to you peacefully.

You give your Khilona a sip of your milk, a morsel of your lunch, Dinner etc

You slept beside your Khilona and if you were too possessive you sang a lullaby to make the inanimate object go to sleep.

Even in your dreams, you built castles in the AIR with your Khilona to roam around the world.

Remember, How you were ready to fight with your parents if they threatened to throw/steal your Khilona?

The days of childhood are the testimonies of our innocence and gullibility to believe everything and how small things matter a lot to us.

The possessiveness towards our Khilona and how we made our home upside-down if any scratch is observed on Khilona. You might throw it, this is okay but Dare anyone to utter a single word against Khilona?

Nikita, a girl of 14-year-old was also fond of her Khilona. She just loved it. In school, she was spending most of the time with it. She shared her food with it and was unwilling to hear any words criticizing Khilona. 

It seems as if she possesses the monopoly to talk, criticize, applaud, beat, cajole, teach, scold and love Khilona. As 14 years old all these behaviors are kind of acceptable for teachers, parents, guardians, and relatives.

Nikita’s world was different. She turned 18 but her affection towards Khilona was the same as she was 14 years old. She still did all those types of over-affectionate stuff for her Khilona. She manages her time specifically to devote her time for it. 

As per compound effect, what’s repeated daily improves, thus happened with Nikita. Her bonding with Khilona was boosting by every passing day, her dreams to stay with Khilona forever were stepping the ladder in her own self created world. Nikita’s love for Khilona was unshakeable, linked with the indomitable faith of spirits.

Don’t you think Nikita is immature for being so affectionate towards Khilona?

In Nikita’s Friend circle, she was constantly told to grow up and leave her Khilona aside.

Nikita’s Friend told her that her Khilona wasn’t as gentle and affectionate as she was for it.  Your Khilona doesn’t deserve you.

Nikita was mad, any words truth or lie, reality or a mind made story. If anything against Khilona was spoken. Nikita would flame out instantly without thinking logically, albeit she scores the highest marks in her class for her logical ability. Unfortunately, for Khilona case it seems Nikita has poured her heart out for it!!

 And after all Dil Toh Baccha Haain G!!

Notice the crisp of  Nikita’s life, her friends are also mad, They are advising her to detach from a Khilona. It can be concluded, Nikita’s surrounding suffers from some kind of mental illness, unable to tolerate Nikita’s possessiveness towards Khilona. She lives in a mad society!!

Actually not, Nikita’s Friends are correct. The Khilona I talked about is Nikita’s Friend Nakul. I called Nakul a Khilona because of his behavior 

He never shared his lunch with Nikita from his side.

He never helped Nikita in studies but took willingly.

He avoided Nikita in every possible way.

When proposed by Nikita, he argued that he wanted to focus on studies, but doesn’t give the same argument when proposed by others and agreed for some too!!

Nakul was having a lot of time to hang out but was always busy for Nikita. 

He was neither a cool dude nor super intelligent still Nikita’s Love never faded for him.

Nikita knows everything about Nakul from his small patch-ups to big-breakups, still, she loved him, accepted him with all his imperfections.

Nikita was in love with Nakul’s soul but maybe Nakul parameters of love were based on something beyond Nikita’s horizon.

The Khilona which I emphasized in this article isn’t an inanimate object. It’s a Khilona in form of a human, like Nikita’s Khilona was Nakul.

Who is at fault? I don’t know.

Was it Nikita’s mistake to dedicate herself for a self-created love?

Was it Nikita's mistake to continue adoring Nakul's soul despite knowing everything about Nakul?

Should Nakul not directly tell Nikita to look for someone else, since our parameters of relationship are different?

Maybe Nakul doesn’t want to lose and hurt Nikita, since she is a wonderful person, but not good enough to be his partner?

Was it Nikita's Mistake for not using her logic for Nakul as she does in all other aspects of life?

Was Nikita a fool to love soulfully after defying all parameters of practicality?

Was Nikita immature to take the whole world head on but unwilling to tolerate anything about Nakul?

Shouldn't Nikita throw her Khilona forever?

Is Nakul the culprit? I don’t think, Nakul has his own priorities and if Nikita’s doesn’t find a place in his priority list. Is it  Nakul's fault? Certainly not, you can’t force anyone to alter their priority, it's the sole right of an individual to choose whom to give importance and whom not?

Our Nikita deserves your guidance, advice her so she could think logically from your advice. I believe if people beyond her knowledge would advise her, she might think and break her castle of a self-created love with Nakul.

Practical Wisdom:

Don’t Have that Khilona in your life because it doesn’t deserve the piousness of your emotion.


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