What is your relationship status? Is it unofficial?

By- Abhudai Pal 

Oh, Something is saucy!

Why don’t you confess your feeling?

Every person hears these from his friends at least once in
a life. In a world of  “HOOK UP” culture, why some people
find it daunting to confess?

Whereas for the majority of youngsters, confession dialogues
are the same for every one they find in a club, what changes
with time is the person with whom they confess? 

The problem with individuals who don’t confess is, neither
they confess nor they allow any of their peer to do so.
The situation becomes a stalemate.

What name/title would be appropriate for such type of

Don’t you think, they understand the relationship better
then who are officially in RELATIONSHIP?

I term this RELATIONSHIP as unsaid/unofficial Relationship
The unofficial relationship isn’t constrained by LOVERS only; 
it resides in every aspect of life. You feel more connected
to an enemy than strangers in PUBLIC PLACE. This
behavior of human being JUSTIFY the adage

“A known enemy is better than a stranger”.

If a servant works in your home since  CHILDHOOD then you respect the servant voluntarily. Although, you are n’t obliged to respect the servant. He/She becomes like a family member to you, His/Her absence creates a void in your family. This is
also a type of unofficial relationship.

Isn't so?

In offices, Peers help each other and share the other person
work, to leave early. That too is a kind of relationship.

The grocery store, you visit often. The owner of the store gives you an unexpected discount. This is because
with the person, they meet daily.
You are surrounded by lots of, unofficial RELATIONSHIP.
The most intriguing aspect of this relationship is
“VOLUNTARY RESPECT” for each other.

No pressure, No compulsion everything is delivered from
the heart and delivered to the heart irrespective of any

The unofficial relationship of lovers is unique.

In an Unofficial relationship, both develop the connection of
heart. He/She refrains from confessing, assuming what if their confession cost them their FRIENDSHIPS.
They behave as if “He/She matters  nothing to them.” On the
other hand, they fight with friends if any word is uttered against him/her.

They want to talk for hours but lacks topic.

Flirting doesn’t suit them, due to the pathetic sense of humor.
He/She want to HANGOUT every day but lacks the courage to make the first move. They remember each other’s

When they talk, emotions of EXCITEMENT, BLUSHING,
SMILE naturally appears on their face. The smile is so
contagious; it leads to the rise of suspicion in the mind
of persons around them.


Their love conveys via actions, and just not by saying
“I LOVE YOU” multiple times like in ordinary relationships,
without comprehending its true meaning.

It is the most pious form of love. No or minimal expectation.
They Believe in maintaining a beautiful smile on each other
faces. “I LOVE YOU” had serious implications for them.
Both of them feel jealous if their unofficial partner spends
time with someone else. 

They secretly care for each other, by asking the same question multiple times, to assure their partner don’t miss outanything important. I believe, all official relationships are
imposed on us without our consent. I am okay, with that as itreduces the number of relations you had to maintain,
some had to last till your death.

What I elucidated, is not one sided love. It is mutual,
un-confessed love free from shackles of

So, unofficial RELATIONSHIPS are best, free from all sorts

Is your relationship an unofficial one? Answer yourself!


1- Some guys/girls neither propose nor let others propose
their crush.

2- Unofficial Relationships resides in every aspect of life.

3- People in Unofficial relationship respect, care, love each
others voluntarily.

4- There are very low or minimum expectations in an
unofficial relationship.

5- Unofficial relationship is soulful and strengthens you.

Pic Credit - Unsplash


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