Teenage Love - Your unforgettable and the innocent behaviour for your crush.

By - Abhudai Pal

The long hours you spent in front of the mirror admiring yourself.
The Childlike mind of yours, influenced by all new Gadgets, Dresses, Cosmetics, I-phones, Movies, etc.
Spending a lot of time to purchase the best facewash/Gel/Hair-oil.
Singing all newly released songs with emotions.
The strange emotions of your mind.
The hormonal release you felt for the opposite-sex been nowhere as strong as this time.

Teenage is a pleasant unusual period of life. The physical changes which onset the beginning of teenage are noticed with hairs, a lot of hair on your body. You must be surprised as the flawless, hairless skin begins to be blanketed by the thin layer of hair.
The most drastic and negative effect of teenage is PIMPLES; some of you might have managed to sail through it while some might not. The most favorite hours you spent in your Teenage must be in Bathroom, bathing for a significant time (What else you thought of in Bathroom).
In Teenage the most troubling and daunting task is Studying, studying topics you aren’t sure will help you in the future. But, the chapter on Reproduction in the human being must be the favorite chapter of the entire class and studied as well as discussed in details with friends!

Besides songs, face-washes, enticing gadgets, new cell-phone, learning guitar, astonishing physical changes, the tempting feeling experienced by everyone in this age is “LOVE”.
Teenage love, a pious amalgamation of emotions toward a person.
In teenage everyone fell in love without considering the social parameters which define love as a contract of mutual benefits. You don’t care about the person marks (That’s the currency you used to measure the intelligence of person), looks and other razzmatazz things.
As a teenager, you might have joined Dance class, Guitar Class, Joined Gym, start listening to romantic songs, watching romantic episodes. You study harder subjects deliberately in the hope of helping your crush, to get her number or get a chance to say hello!
You spread the news of liking him/her in your friend circle to warn peers that not to fall for that person. Your warning carries the hidden message that "Dude that person is reserved as my crush you better look for someone else less pretty than her".

The spying begins, you want to get every information about the person, for this task you sent your friends as an agent. They provide you with details like,
Her favorite song
Her favorite dish
Favorite Hero
Her hobby
Her weak subject (so you could study and help her)
Favorite instrument (so you can learn it)
Her Birthday (Which you plan to celebrate like President of US Birthday)
The spying ends and finally, after a lot of insistence of your friends, you muster the courage to confess. Mind bombarded with thoughts, Body shudders as you step closer toward her, you stammer to say Hi and when you finally confess.

If it is accepted you are on cloud nine.
By the way if your proposal get declined, instead of denigrating your crush , you defend her in your friend circle by telling, “She is busy with her studies”, “Her Happiness my happiness”, “She deserves better”, “Guys, she is a good girl knows to focus on priorities”, “I am happy to have her as friend”.

Even with a clear NO, the man lives in the hope of being together someday. He keeps his hopes alive. Sadly, he has to bury his hope and that’s how most of the “TEENAGE LOVE” stories end.
The teenage love has its own piousness which isn’t bounded by the Standard, Professions, Salaries, Compatibility, etc. The present-day scenario of love is an unholy combination of looks, Standard, Profession, Salaries, etc.

If your teenage story echoes with this, drop a comment below or write to us, we are excited to tell your story to the world.


1- Teenagers are gullible and easily influenced by everything of beauty.

2- The teenage beginning is marked with a lot of hairs, even in the unexpected body parts!

3- In teenage, you warn your friends not to fall for your crush and request them to provide you with his/her own likes/dislikes.

4- Teenage love is amazing, even after a clear NO. The guy/girl defend her crush instead of denigrating him/her.

5- Teenage love is pious, free from all pre-conceived notions. Lucky are the ones who find the love of their life in teenage.


  1. Well said..!!👍Dil di gallan ❤

  2. Yes it's quite true that teenage love is not based on looks , profession, standard, salaries but can u tell me that is it really luv becoz I personally feel that it is just attraction of few days which shift to someone else so oftenly so calling it love doesn't make any sense to me.

  3. Wow.... Well written... Just took me back to some good old memories! Keep writing 😊


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