Young India- An asset or a liability. The crisis we are heading to.

By- Abhudai Pal
“Arise, awake and Stop not, till the goal is achieved”. Swami Vivekananda
Swami Vivekananda's work for humanity inspires generations. He is a true youth icon for every youth of the world. He believed that the best way to develop a nation goes via investment in its youth. To honor him, Swami G's birth anniversary is celebrated as National Youth Day in India on 12th of January every year.
What swami G said a century ago stays relevant till now, his advice to invest in the Youth of a Nation, deserves heed right now, as India is the youngest country in the world.
Half of India’s population is below 25 years of age and 2/3rd of India’s population falls below 35 years of age. We possess a huge amount of energy. Now I understand the reason for so many young and charming faces in Metros!
I wonder that, if the number of youth at present is so much then at some point in the past, India must have witnessed a high fertility rate. Just Imagine the era, when every nearby household had “Good News”. I wonder about the timings of our parents to be romantic at the same time.
Being young also implies that, so many parties all around, many romantic stories flowing around us, so many breakups, so many abuses, so much intellectual talk to change the world, so much deliberation for better politics, hell amount of idealism floating around until you get jobs. And how every other Guy we met is preparing for UPSC!!
Besides that, In 2027 India will have the largest workforce with billions of people aged between 15 -64.
Being young is amazing, especially below 25 years of age, the turbulence in emotions and the flow of anger in blood has its own enigma. But certain questions need to be raised, amidst all celebration of India being the youngest country
1-Is India’s youth an asset or a liability?

2-Does India’s educational institution impart skill to make a youth an employable one?

3-Does India’s government provide an apt infrastructure to absorb such a huge labor force?

4-Does India’s youth possess the entrepreneurial skills to be self-employed?

5-Do alternative careers such as Writing, Arts, Singing, Playing of an Instrument and other vocational courses come across as respectable professions in India?

6-In 2027, when India will have the largest work-force, does our sector have space to absorb such a huge labor force?

7- Youth means ideas to work upon, but does our nation have the platform to encourage the execution of their ideas?

8- Is India’s youth collectively trudging on the path of success or is hopeless about the system?

As per data, in 2016, 1.5 million applied for a job of State Owned bank. More than 9 million took entrance for less than 1,00,000 posts in railways, 19,000 applied for 114 vacancies as municipal street sweepers!!
The youth is facing catastrophes, not just on the employment front but a larger migration of youth to metropolitan cities for exams' preparation, the room rent soaring every year and the cultural changes he/she witnesses in a new city, shake his/her confidence to the core and before preparing for anything, he/she criticizes policy-makers for laggardness of their native place.
When it comes to reaping the demographic dividend, north India will be looking towards Southern and Western States as they will reap benefits from such a huge labor force. With such huge young minds floating everywhere, the setback our system offers is more than enough to shrivel his/her confidence to serve the nation.
He/She might think to increase the tax revenue of the government by becoming an Income Tax Officer, but the government has not been able to Conduct the SSC-2018 exam even till the beginning of 2019 even!!! The gentleman who promised to give 2crore jobs annually is making youth “Pakoda Entrepreneurs” and the Fun Fact is that the ideology he represents considers “Swami Vivekanand” as their icon. The tragedy of our nation!
Does blaming incumbency will help in providing jobs?
No, so a youth must seek for other career options which pay handsomely but requires some efforts in early stages. Some are
1-Gain a skill and create a YouTube channel.
2-Develop a website and provide a worthy content.
There are other offline options too but creating something online has its own advantages, “It will last till the internet lasts”. “Your work done once will reap benefits forever”. If you are planning to hold a government job. Just think, with No Pension Scheme, your Old age is insecure, but the online platforms you created will definitely reap you enough money, provided you do quality work.
“Opposite values are complementary to each other”. Sri- Sri Ravi Shankar
The youth of today will be the grandparents of tomorrow as with better health facilities, the mortality rate isn’t too high. Hence, now the youth we see in metro after 50 years will be seen on park benches enjoying sunbath after 50 years, and with No Pension Scheme, Will your children have an incentive to keep you with them? Sounds Ruthless, But this is also a possibility!!
To secure your old-age, it is worthy to invest in a Pension Plan.
Till then, Keep Partying but take care of your future too!!
Practical Wisdom:
India’s Youth is a liability if the government doesn’t intervene positively.
India’s Youth doesn’t have proper space to grow.
A secure Job is hard to find in India.
Unemployment among youth is grave.
The gentleman who idolizes Swami-G is making “Pakoda Entrepreneurs”.
Learn to possess a skill and create an online platform.
With No Pension Scheme, your kid won’t have any incentive to keep you with.
Invest in some pension Scheme as soon as you get a Job.


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