How love is being crucified by Pseudo -feminism?

By- Abhudai Pal
“It is time for the oppressor to be oppressed”.
“Every male is a potential rapist”. Nandita Das
The above statements are the testimony of the hatred being installed by the Radical Feminists in the minds of today’s generation.
Do all men rape?
Does every man cheat?
Is every man a harasser?
Does every man stare you ludicrously?
Does every man you meet want to sleep with you?
Is sex the only motive of a man to be in a relationship?
Does the hue and cry of innocents does not shiver a man’s heart?
Does every man need to be blamed for atrocities committed on women since ages?
A big No must be the ultimate answer of you: irrespective of your sex.
Your NO is an implication that you understand, “We cannot generalize every individual based on someone else deeds”. Out of 1000 men few are a rapist, and just because of them
Is it okay to tag every man, “Potential Rapist”?
Imagine if a lady is called “Potential fake accuser”, how would she feel?
And both terms, “Potential Rapist” and “Potential fake accuser” are valid because some men do RAPE and some women do “ACCUSE FAKELY”.  The radical feminists won’t agree with every woman being called “Potential Fake Accuser”, but are comfortable with the term “Potential Rapist”.
Is that not hypocrisy?
Feminism as a movement was meant to provide equal opportunity to HUMANS, irrespective of sex. To provide them an equal space, whether they cherish or perish depends on their individual mettle.
Change is the law of nature, so according to their whims and fancies, Radical Feminists believe “Feminism is a fight against men”, that’s why they come up with slogans, “It is time for the oppressor to be oppressed” and the belief they represent can be summarized as “ Every problem women face, exists because of men”.
I am curious; they want to oppress men because in past we(male) oppressed them. How logical? We weren’t even born at that time!!
Dear, Radical feminists let me tell you, “Our forefathers treated our foremothers in a bad way”, it wasn’t my Forefather treated your Foremother. The tragic fate faced by female ancestors was because of that time culture and was not a strategic move by some “All –World Man Association”.
The effect of radical feminism is “LOST LOVE”, yes
No man dares to ask a girl for a cup of coffee!
No man is ready to help a lady in need!
In some office, they have made sure not to hire a female employee!
No more instances of a boy and girl looking secretly and smiling coyly!
No more stories of “Love By Chance”!
No man will compliment a lady for her charisma!
No more case of touch by mistake converted into love stories!!!
Because “Every act by a man to approach a woman” is concluded as
“He wants to sleep with you”.
The radical feminists conclude everything with sex, and then the question raised is “You guys only want sex”. Oh really! According to them, “SEX is men thing” as if they don’t experience sexual urges.
The attraction towards opposite sex or same sex (as per our orientation), is very natural. If this emotion vanishes due to ideological fallacy spread by some pseudo-feminists, the world would come to an end. I know that the percentages of such women are far less but their voice gets amplified by Media since they are good at creating controversies.
Love is an emotion which binds the world, I am born because of love, Probably you too!
Practical Wisdom:
Radical feminism had defied the purpose of feminism.
Radical feminists have a twisted definition for their personal benefits.
Radical feminists conclude male-female interaction with an intention of just sex!
Radical feminists are sucking the holiness of an emotion called “LOVE”.
Never date a girl, who defends herself by “I am a girl thus I can”.
Love creates the world, so fall in love.
Gentleman, do your research before you fall in love?
Radical feminists' voice is amplified by Media.
Before you call yourself feminist, understand what feminism stands for.


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