The one Stop solution for all problems of your life..


If your life situation matches one or more than one word mentioned above. Then, Ladies/Gentleman, you aren’t alone in your battle against them. 

Sometimes the intensity of frustration, confusion, and worry amplifies, thus affecting your productivity. The turbulence of emotions cripples your behavior and makes you numb. Everyone goes through tough times in his/her life irrespective of his socio-economic status. 

If you were to ask me: Is there anything in this world which is the solution to all problems of life? I have to say Yes, there is. 

Meditation – is the solution to all problems of your life. 

What you are seeking now, in the 20th century, was discovered long ago by Lord Buddha and other religious practices in different forms. 

Origin  of Meditation  
Traces of Meditation are found in India. The Upanishad and Vedic text implied to meditation practices. Buddhism too devised a meditation known as “Vipassana”. Although, the timings of Buddhist meditation are debatable. 

What is Meditation? 
Meditation is an act of focussing on an activity, thought, or feeling for a significant timing. So, according to this, if you can play, read, write, listen, or do anything for a significant period of time you are meditating. 

But, I believe that in meditation the intention isn’t doing something. Meditation is about relaxing body, mind, and soul to connect with your deeper self so that you can listen and follow your “true-calling” and abandon all that seems necessary but is not.  

There are several kinds of research in support of Meditation, that’s why I call it the solution to all problems.  Benefits of meditation are-:

1- Increases the size of the Hippocampus i.e. the part of the brain which stores information thus your memorizing ability strengthens. 

2- Reduce stress hormone cortisol in the body, so anchoring you from stress. 

3- Improves Emotional Intelligence thus making you kinder and more empathetic for yourself and others. 

4- Lengthens attention span, means you will have a superpower to complete a difficult task in less duration and with better efficiency.
5- Improves sleep – What could be better than not dreaming and sleeping like a toddler. 

6- Size of the pre-frontal cortex, i.e. the part of your brain responsible for your will power, increases which implies that you will have more will-power to say NO.

7- Increases the ability of pain bearing – The reason most people fail to develop good habits is Pain, thus with increased pain bearing ability you can develop the habit of exercising regularly or any other habit. 

8- Anti-ageing – Who doesn’t want to look younger throughout life? If you do, start meditating daily. 

9- Increased Immunity – Hola, In Covid-19 times, immunity is of utmost value. Nothing could be a more important reason than increased immunity to begin meditation ASAP. 

10 - Decreases High Blood pressure, thus making you calm throughout the day.

Timing and Duration of Meditation
Harvard Recommends meditating twice a day for a minimum of 20 minutes.

What time of day should you meditate? Frankly, I don’t have any scientific answer to your question. 

But I will recommend one after you wake up in the morning. And the other one, after you have your lunch. 

The reason I recommend 2nd meditation after lunch is that because after lunch you might feel sleepy, hence meditating after lunch will soak your sleepiness and you will feel refreshed to work again. 

Meanwhile, if you loved meditating you can do more than twice also. Meditation doesn’t have any side-effects. 

Categories of Meditation
There are several types of meditation techniques. Broadly, they are divided into two types which are as follows 

Focused Attention Meditation:  In this meditation, you are on your own. You focus your attention on the object you have chosen. 

Open Monitoring Meditation – In this technique, you are guided by the instructor and follow his command. 

So, if you are beginning I would advise you to opt for Open monitoring meditation. 

How to meditate?
I don’t have a certification to teach you. But I have recommendations; 

Download both of them in your Youtube downloads. Before you practice, put your cellphone on Aeroplane mode and enjoy the uninterrupted sessions. 

What meditation doesn’t do?
I know a friend who starts meditating with the belief that it will remove all problems of his life. Thus, he gave up when his belief was shattered.

Do remember that meditation doesn’t abandon life problems, it gives you the strength to fight challenges, clarity to choose your battles, and a focused mind to finish tasks effectively. 

Practical Wisdom 
Meditation originated in India.
Meditation is connecting to oneself.

There are innumerable benefits of meditation for the mind,  body, and soul. 

Meditate twice a day for a minimum of 20 minutes.

The one-stop solution for all of your life problems is “Meditation”.

Congratulations, You have finished reading it.

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