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The one Stop solution for all problems of your life..

By - Abhudai Pal  Frustrated! Confused!! Anxious!!! Worried!! Depressed! If your life situation matches one or more than one word mentioned above. Then, Ladies/Gentleman, you aren’t alone in your battle against them.  Sometimes the intensity of frustration, confusion, and worry amplifies, thus affecting your productivity. The turbulence of emotions cripples your behavior and makes you numb. Everyone goes through tough times in his/her life irrespective of his socio-economic status.  If you were to ask me: Is there anything in this world which is the solution to all problems of life? I have to say Yes, there is.  Meditation – is the solution to all problems of your life.  What you are seeking now, in the 20th century, was discovered long ago by Lord Buddha and other religious practices in different forms.  Origin  of Meditation   Traces of Meditation are found in India. The Upanishad and Vedic text implied to meditation practices. Buddhism too devised a meditation known as “Vipassana”.