Corona in India. Politics, Religion, and Shutdown

By - Abhudai Pal

Corona in India reappeared and is causing havoc. The first time,3 cases of Corona were reported in Kerala. The Govt of Kerla successfully treated the Infected patients and till 14th Feb 2020, India was free from virus COVID-19.

But, when second-time cases were reported. Since then, it is spreading continually. The major issue with this virus is that its “Rate of spread is fast”.

The virus originates from the Wuhan province in China. Since then, it has spanned the entire world.  

Corona in India

You can understand the seriousness of Corona in India by taking into account that it compelled the Indian government to halt the largest carrier of Indian passengers, The Indian Railways.

Schools, Universities, Shopping malls, metros and potential places of the public gathering are closed in response to defeat this dreadful virus.  The shutdown in India is of 21 days from 25th March 2020 midnight and can be expected to enhance or decline as per the situation.

The cost of defeating Corona in India is estimated to be 8.76 lakh crore, i.e. the loss of the Indian economy due to shutdown. Isn’t this virus damn costly?

Politics, Corona and Shutdown Timing

The type of politics a nation's citizens prefer can be estimated by the response of that government in tough times. This is indeed a very tough time. But, in this tough time, India’s Chief advised his citizens to cling utensils on Junta Curfew day i.e. 22nd March 2020 at 5 pm, as a token of thanks to India’s Medical staff for their services. People adhered to their chief's innovative advice enthusiastically.

I wish Indian citizens could have chosen rational politics, then their Chief might have asked them to draw posters proclaiming, “Stay safe”, “Corona in India, Beware!”, etc and hang them at their home entry gate. That would be a better and efficient way to thank our doctors.

The shutdown announced on 24th March 2020 around 8 pm and came into effect from 25th March 2020 midnight the day after the B.J.P successfully formed government in Madhya Pradesh on 23rd March 2020. I suspect that if the lockdown was announced before, then Madhya Pradesh might not have to face a single Coronavirus case.

Corona and India’s Medical Infrastructure

The expenditure of the Indian Government on the health sector is microscopic and now in tough times, it is expected from them to give a macroscopic performance in curing patients. What a paradox? 

To counter Corona in India, our country has a mere 1 bed per 2000 people. Infrastructure parameters like Govt hospitals per 1lakh people, Population to Bed ratio, Patient per doctors, etc are in a dismal state.

This could be the reason that Indians were asked to cling utensils to thank Medical staff. Because the real intention was to suppress the voice raising questions about India’s Medical infrastructure in the clinging utensils cacophony.

No wonder! When you vote for irrational people, they work hard to make you stupid too.  


The only thing you can do in this tough time to prove your patriotism for your nation is to stay at home. Follow the lockdown rules, not because it is imposed. But for your life and our motherland India.

And most importantly, only follow the advice of India’s Health ministry. To know more about prevention or other thing related to Corona, only refer to WHO and Indian government guidelines.  

Religion and Corona

I am intrigued that none of the so-called “Protectors of Religions” of different religions invited their God in tough times to combat Corona in India.

Because they don’t believe in God. And how could they believe in God when they don’t understand what GOD is! For such people, God is an entity that’s why they had to protect.

For the real believers of GOD, God is the eternal power. And how could you protect eternal power?

India has overcome every challenge it faced. Because Indians are a fighter.

In conclusion, I would say, “This too shall pass”.

Practical Wisdom

The reappearance of Corona in India caused havoc.

Stay in home and follow lockdown religiously

Please, refer WHO website and Govt of India notification to know more about COVID 19.


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