Emotional Intelligence or I.Q. Which is crucial for your success?

By - Abhudai Pal

What is emotional intelligence or emotional quotient?

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions as a source of human energy, information, connection and influence.

Robert K Cooper PhD

What Dr. Cooper said about Emotional Intelligence (E.I) can be considered as the formal definition of emotional intelligence because of his credential of Neuroscientist and New York Times bestselling author.

Why E.I or E.Q is important, is a question worth asking.

IQ gets you hired, but EQ gets you promoted.  

EQ Factor- Time Magazine - 1995

E.Q is important because according to Time magazine it helps you to get promoted. If something gets you promoted then, that must be a good reason to know it well. Isn't it? Yes, so let's begin.

Since childhood, you must have heard about the Intelligence quotient (I.Q). People with high I.Q are, generally, called a genius, intelligent, undefeatable, prodigy, blessed, etc. Well, the adjective used for people with higher I.Q in India is “Sharma Ji Ka Ladka/Ladki”. We, Indians don’t complicate things by remembering heavy adjectives to explain a person.

Emotional Intelligence and your awareness

Moving ahead, if Emotional intelligence plays a crucial role in your promotion. Why you aren’t aware of it in a way like I.Q? The reason for it might be your teacher's focus on sharpening your I.Q via the Mugging Up strategy. Sound's convincing? Yes, better for us!

How does Emotional intelligence (E.I) can help you to become a better version of yourself?

If you are emotionally intelligent then you must be acknowledging your emotions and using them as an additional weapon in your arsenal. As a human you must be feeling, lazy, enthusiastic, tired, active, sad, happy, hating, loving, criticizing, admiring, freaking, understanding, and etc all in a day.

Thus, when you understand your emotions, you can control and manage them to work for you rather than against you. It’s like; you carry a supermarket of emotions in you and chose the best emotions while rejecting the remaining one.

Now, you must be thinking that I agree with you. But, as some people are blessed with higher I.Q, so must be the case with people of higher emotional intelligence.

No, Emotional intelligence is a skill and can be developed with practice.

For e.g.- If you fail an exam, rather than freaking out or being depressed. You should acknowledge the reasons for your failure. Begin to look for solutions and make a pact with yourself to be efficient and more serious in studies. Starting again with rigor and vigor. Believe me; it is very difficult to edit a badly written article. But I learn from the mistake of the badly written article and write a new one, and editing that is easier.

Qualities of Emotionally intelligent people

  • Connect emotionally with their social circles
  • Empathize for their co-workers or friends or relatives
  • Good at Motivating others
  • Effective and efficient team managers
  • Takes relations seriously

Developing Emotional Intelligence

  • Practice Mindfulness Meditation
  • Become aware of your emotions
  • Choose the strengthening emotions

Practicing Mindfulness Meditation helps you to be more conscious of your surroundings and your inner world. It is the best way to enhance your emotional intelligence.

In life, generally, emotionally intelligent people are better leaders. They don’t freak out all of a sudden but empathize with their team-mates. Motivates them and if required helps them. So, the ability to control and manage one's emotions is the crucial skill you must possess to succeed in life.

The one who manages him/herself is more efficient than others. They choose their battles wisely and don’t interfere with someone else battles.


Emotional Intelligence is your ability to deal with your emotions.

Emotional Intelligence is a skill and can be learned with practice.

People with higher E.I are good leaders and connect with people easily.

Higher E.Q people choose their battles wisely.


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