Self-Victimization: 'The Road to Hell'. Does self-victimizing yourself over petty issues strengthen you?

By - Abhudai Pal
“If the cry of the wolf is made too often as a prank, when the actual wolf appears no one will be there to protect you”
Do you remember the story of a Shepherd and the Villagers?
The shepherd of the village made fake cries so that villagers ran to save him and his sheep from a wolf. He repeated this numerous times and the villagers understood that his intent was to annoy others.
One-day the wolf appeared and when he shouted for help, no one came considering it as another prank of Mr. Shepherd, and the wolf ate all his sheep.
This Childhood story has greater implications for us to be imbibed in our personal life. It is better not to be funny in serious issues of life. Else the loss in life might be more than Shepherd’s sheep!
Is it okay to be funny in a matter of significance?
What if he/she might be hurt?
What level of extremity is okay with friends?
What is the parameter of crossing a limit, especially with friends?
If you are the type of person who is irritated by every insignificant comment of your friends, family or relatives. You must look into the issue; it might be a psychological disorder!
If “Hi, How is life?” irritates you, then you have two options. Burst out on the questioner? Or reply calmly “As usual”. Your bursting out will be a live source of entertainment to the questioner and will insist the questioner to ask you again to come out of his insipid mood. You are a good entertainer for him.
If your friends’ comments irritated you, you abuse them fiercely still they do the same. Think, to get rid of it, Stop being irritated. Reply them calmly. If the comments are friendly ones and tolerable then let them tease you.
Why should you allow anyone to tease you?
In a world of billions of people, you are lucky enough to be teased by your friends in an amicable way. No one cares about fellow human beings, and if someone takes interest to irritate you. Aren’t you lucky enough? Maybe you do not consider him/her close enough to irritate you. Then let him/her know. "You aren’t eligible to make fun of me".
The best way to overcome irritation is “SELF-VICTIMIZE” yourself. Tell everyone how you are harassed mentally by a friendly question; this will help you gain popularity as well as sympathy and will defame the other person. Self-victimizing confirms your intolerance and your attitude to be reactive rather than proactive.
Many things happen with us and are they always pleasing? But we have to tolerate them. If your friends' comment can be avoided by a smile, then smile, Else something is flawed with you!!
If you consistently self-victimize yourself even on petty issues, Do remember that Self-victimizing will degrade you morally and spiritually. It shows the weakness of your character. If you are irritated and angered by inoffensive, non-vulgar, non-obscene comments of friends.
How immature you are!!
Besides irritation, Self-victimizing yourself and creating an issue out of nothing is unscrupulous and a testimony of your inability to deal with people who love you!
I am intolerant with comments full of vulgarity, obscenity or something compromising with your character. Simultaneously, I believe, “Life is too short, to take everything so seriously”.
There exist two types of people, who make fun of serious stuff and who take every unworthy thing seriously.
The first type lose their “SHEEP”, a thing of utmost value to them, While a person who takes “funny stuff” seriously has to lose his worthy asset i.e. friends/relatives who will help you when you will be crestfallen and  your so-called fake friends who never dared to do something against your will, might be sleeping comfortably leaving you at your own!
Neither be a Shepherd nor be an Overserious person, Both are extremism of own kinds and are harmful to you not someone else.

Practical Wisdom:
Do not prank with your “Sheep”.
Do not get irritated by every insignificant comment.
Experience Lord's Blessings in the form of friends.
Oppose vulgarity/obscenity but welcome friendly comments.
The one who will cry when you are dead are the ones who take pleasure in irritating you.
Self-victimization does not strengthen you.


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