Top Ten reasons to prove, “You are really lucky”.

By - Abhudai Pal

This too shall pass!

The sentence conveys that, whatever we see, feel, watch and experience is not eternal. Thus, the temporary problems we perceive as permanent is nothing but the illusion of the mind. 

The way our society has programmed us is taxing us.

Why the habit of visualizing the half-empty glass is imbibed in us? The preachings of society have programmed us in a way that we consider only the negative aspects of life. 

How could you be creative, when your mind focuses only on:

How painful is my life?

How everyone is interested in pulling my legs?

How bad luck is my companion?

The arrival of these thoughts is not a concern. The concern is that you approve your self-immolating thoughts. The moment your mind thinks, “I am not worthy of this prize”. Your mind begins to collect the data of all competitions in which you failed. It recollects the memories of your peers mocking you and reminds you of your loses. But, none of your past wins.

The mind is amazing, it gives you thought/idea to work upon, and if you ruminate over that idea it begins to gather the incidences in support of an idea. Amazing, isn’t it?

The mind does give you positive thoughts to contemplate over. Alas! you choose only the bad ones!

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed” is stated by Law of Conservation of energy. It can be transferred from one form to another. Similarly, the thoughts of your mind can’t be changed but you can choose what to give importance and what not?

Did you know? You are really blessed more than you even acknowledge. I will help you reminding you of your fate, how you are living a life with a decent standard of living for which others have to toil hard.

1- You have got a cell phone or Desktop/Laptop to read this article. In India, in 2019, mere 31.52% of the population are users of the cellphone with an internet connection. Aren’t you fortunate enough to be among 31.52%? 

2- You have got an internet connection too. In today’s era, you can learn anything as per your penchant. You are reading this because of author aptitude for writing and internet helps him in reaching to you. You too can learn and create anything with a cell phone and internet connection. You are lucky to possess both!!

3- You can read this: means you are one among the Indians who know to read and comprehend the English language. You are not less than a superhero if you begin teaching English in some rural parts of India.

4- You are employed/unemployed (Student) /dependent on parents/guardians, thus you don’t have to worry about the daily meals. You are not that 1 Indian out of  9 who goes to bed without dinner due to circumstances.

5- You are one among the educated citizens of India, who knows English besides your Mother's tongue. Congratulations, you are bilingual and bilingual brain has an advantage over monolingual brain.

6- You have at least one friend who stays with you through thick and thin of life.

7- You are living in a home and not wandering on streets to sleep peacefully. There are 1.77million homeless people in India. You are really lucky.

8- You don’t have to worry about the basic needs i.e. Food, Clothing, and Shelter. According to Rangarajan committee in 2012-13,  29.5% of the population was below the poverty line.  Be Glad for not being in 29.5%.

9- You have a family which will lift you when you are crestfallen and will lift your corpse too. Your condition won't be this.

10- You are patient enough to read up to here, thus you are a reader in the video content world. Congrats your brain is more learning-friendly.

If the 10 reasons mentioned above doesn’t make you feel blessed, what else will? I don't know.

If your argument is “What’s so special, every known of me possess all these”. I urge you to think objectively and look the life beyond your known ones, who are less fortunate than you. 

Could you even imagine the difficulties in the life of people who are less fortunate than you? If not, aren’t you blessed enough?

Practical Wisdom:

You are blessed enough to live a decent life.

Your hard work will improve your standard of living but for the less fortunate ones, their hard work only fetches them meal twice a day.



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