The ordinary secret of living an extraordinary life.

By- Abhudai Pal
In a world of millions of businesses ranging from small ones to the “Too Big to Fail” ones, Why so few succeed?
Do they focus on something extraordinary?
What differentiates GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, TESLA, WALMART and AMAZON from others?
Without officially holding any of the government offices these companies are no less influential than the incumbency?
Is hard work the only doctrine followed by them to be a brand?
Out of 24 hours in a day, what are the procedures/operations of these companies for doing exceptionally well in their fields?
When the CEO of a company advises working hard, Does he always mean hard-work or some key element which he is trying to deliver that doesn’t get understood by everybody?
Can the policy they follow be imbibed in our day to day life so that we might at least live a happy life, if not an extraordinary one. What is the main factor? The one and the most important factor which these companies are unwilling to compromise with is  “Product Quality”.
Quality of the products they deliver in the market automatically attracts customers to them with “word of mouth campaign”, thus without much expenditure on marketing, they rule the market. In a way, these companies ardently follow the title of Book written by Cal Newport “So good they can’t ignore you”.
Have you ever seen Lamborghini ads on TV?
Have you ever seen Facebook ads? (Ads Facebook gave just to join Facebook)
It is breath-taking fact, that without any investment in marketing, “Facebook” attracted the largest number of active users in the world. Instead of advertising itself, Facebook emerged as a platform for brand building. I came to know that Lamborghini is a Car Company from my friends. Prior, I was aware of advertised cars only.
The concept of quality is not just limited to companies. The “Quality concept” is followed by successful ones in any field.
'Since these are just companies and we are humans thus it is a utopian vision to imbibe quality in every aspect of life!!'
If you have the above-said argument, Remember that The Google doesn’t just operate on the server rooms it has (obviously it does), the most important capital Google possess is its “Employees”, who deliver quality work.
You can maintain quality in every aspect of your life. For instance, take Studying
To study qualitatively you can:
1-Keep your spine erect
2-Bring your attention back on Studies whenever your mind wanders
3-Fix particular hours of the day to study sincerely
4-Be100% involved in your subjects
5-Study in question/answer format rather than completing the whole chapter from beginning to the end
Sounds convincing, still, you might be thinking!!
Why should I prefer quality over quantity?
To ace in an exam, if you and your friend are devoting the same number of hours for an exam, where you study qualitatively while your friend does it quantitatively covering all topics. Who will score more?
Undoubtedly you would, quality work always pays off. Quality work is the major factor separating mediocrity from the excellence.
Quality isn’t a static method, what method brought you results in some aspect isn’t necessary will work for another. Keep revising and revisiting your method to maintain quality.
In beginning, Whats app had only Messaging feature but now you can make a voice call, video call or post your story. To stay relevant with time, they upgraded/maintained the quality of their platform.
Your quality of work tells whether you are an asset or a liability for an organization/mankind. Quality of work matters the most.
Be a Gentleman/Lady who does and knows only quality work!
Practical Wisdom:
The “quality work” separates Facebook, Google etc from other companies.
Quality attracts customers without much marketing.
Quality work helps you to get an edge over your competitor.
Your method to work qualitatively needs to be upgraded from time to time.
If you work qualitatively, your work will be looked at with appreciation.



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