Is it okay to test-drive someone prior relationship? A perspective on relationship.

By - Abhudai Pal  

“Main Toh Test Drive Kiye Bina Gaddi Bhi Na Kharidu.” A dialogue of the movie Veere Di Wedding

The above sentence translates as “I will never buy a car without a test drive.” This is worthy advice for a potential car buyer.

However, the context of the above advice is not related to the car market. The above advice is in the context of relationships.

Therefore according to the speaker, before getting into a relationship with anyone, you should take a “test-drive” of your potential partner. However, how to conduct the test drive while choosing the mate is unclear?

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I agree with the speaker that “test-drive” is important, in context of the car markets.

However, if this advice is applied to relationships without proper understanding of the "test-drive," I have apprehensions.

If test-drive means to evaluate “the partner performance in bed,” prior commitment. It indicates that sex is the sole reason to get committed. This is the outcome of a lack of understanding of the relationship or ignorance of understanding it.

Such a notion of relationship does reduce it to prostitution, except the fact you do not pay here.

After all, who pays for the test drive?

In the car market, riding it before buying seems reasonable, as you understand, the comfort level, engine, gear, brakes, clutch, etc. But, in relationships, what a person wants to know with the “test-drive.”

Want to find the relationship between his partner performance and their attitude toward life?

The thoughts of the person that shapes their personality?

Actually, “test-drive” minds doesn’t want to know about character, integrity, etc.

They want to fulfill their lustful prophecies. And admitting that does not give good vibes. So, they give it a label of “test-drive.” before falling into a relationship. By doing so, they overcome the guilt.

This is certain that these guys/girls do not need a partner. They want genitals of the opposite sex. So, my suggestion to the "test-drive" persons is that muster courage to accept the fact that you are desperate for sex, not a relationship. 

In this way, you know your objective and then fulfill it. 

Another aspect of test-drive process is of the person who is being tested. Are they informed about your “test-drive” parameter?

If not, please, tell the other person too, do not keep the surprise test! Without awareness, they might not perform well. After all, getting committed is the reward for performing in bed with a person whose definition of relationship echoes with sex only.

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If the tester and tested are aware of such notion. That’s great! 

But if this is not the case, what about the tested person's mental trauma and emotional burden? Could you undo it?

Now, if you feel that such movies should be banned. You still do not understand anything.

The dialogue of the movie cannot be blamed. In fact, the dialogue seems apt for the kind of movie Veere Di Wedding is. The celebration of camaraderie of four friends. You are to be blamed if you take such relationship advice in your life from an entertaining movie. 

We, the Youngistaan of Hindustan, should understand things in proper context. Then follow it, if required. Else, let go of such enticing dialogues.

If test-drive means something else other than what I have chosen to address. I do not have any apprehension. 

Practical Wisdom

You should test-drive a car before buying only a car!

Human relationships are two-sided.

Be clear with your objective of the relationship.

Your parameters of relationship should be long-term

Thank you for reading. I believe this article added value to your life. Please Share, If you find it worthy. 


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