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Is it okay to test-drive someone prior relationship? A perspective on relationship.

By - Abhudai Pal    “Main Toh Test Drive Kiye Bina Gaddi Bhi Na Kharidu.”   A dialogue of the movie Veere Di Wedding The above sentence translates as “I will never buy a car without a test drive.” This is worthy advice for a potential car buyer. However, the context of the above advice is not related to the car market. The above advice is in the context of relationships. Therefore according to the speaker, before getting into a relationship with anyone, you should take a  “test-drive”  of your potential partner. However, how to conduct the test drive  while choosing the mate is unclear? Pic credit I agree with the speaker that “test-drive” is important, in context of the car markets. However, if this advice is applied to relationships without proper understanding of the "test-drive," I have apprehensions. If test-drive means to evaluate “the partner performance in bed,” prior commitment.  It indicates that sex is the sole reason to get committed. This