Are you committing the same mistake as Shrey in your relationship?

By - Abhudai Pal

Things weren’t really fine. The long hour’s talks, midnight confessions, and the future plans woven by both were tormented by the circumstances, circumstances of pseudo practicality which were shadowed by the clouds of disloyalty, trust deficit, and aloofness.

Shrey and Shriyasi's relationship was the “Role Model” of the college. These love birds were famous in college and their anniversary cakes read “Best Relationship Ever”. The teachers of the college had to acknowledge their dedication towards each other besides applauding the academic excellence of both.

Time flies, you had to acknowledge either willingly or unwillingly. On the farewell ceremony, both were honored with the title, “Perfect Complement” since they were economics students.  If there was an award for “College Couple” they would definitely win. Shrey and Shriyashi's name deserved to be engraved in the “Successful College Couple” records if there existed any.

Both had different ambitions for their professional life. Shrey gets placed in the top-notch company of the country, while Shriyashi wanted to serve the nation and thus prepared for government jobs.

The guy was practically more practical while girl, a perfect motley of emotions. Every emotion perfectly blended with adequate smoke of practicality. What Buddhism essence is “A person should choose Mid-way (Madhyam Marg)”. She was living proof of Buddhism philosophy in action. The childlike nature of Shriyashi left an indelible imprint of her optimism on every acquaintance she met.

The burden of Shrey’s life was piling as days passed, his personal health deteriorated. The relationship which received accolade and appreciation from everyone, that relationship be like “Shrey and Shriyashi”. 

But, Shrey who used to share all his joys and sorrow with Shriyashi, suddenly began to avoid her.

The “I love you” which used to make his day seems a burden to him. The long hour call which both enjoyed were lasting only for 10 seconds or less. The sweet voice of Shriyashi failed to uplift the mood of his prince charming.

"Something grave must have happened with Shrey that all of a sudden he became so rude", thought Shreyashi and decide to expedite the reason and with a lot of effort, she got to know.

The mistake, actually a very silly mistake was the reason for the Shrey which harmed him. He was mocked by his colleagues in the office for his long phone calls and his dependency on Shriyashi. They began to spew poison in him like:

  • All the girls are mean.
  • She doesn’t love you, she loves your money.
  • The moment you leave the job, you won’t find her beside you.
  • Real Men stay single or get married.
  • Relationships are for College kids, not working-class professionals.
  • Love is an illusion of the mind!                         
  • Does she solve your office work if you ask her?

The poison begins to seep in and constant criticism which Shrey faced about his relationship convinced him that his relationship is nothing more than what his colleague describes.

So one day fed up with Shrey behavior, Shreyashi talked about it and made him understand, why he has stopped using his brain? If Shriyashi doesn’t take this step their relationship must be asap a failed one.

She asked politely, the reason for his neglect when Shrey doesn’t answer, She replied,

“Is our relation so hollow, to be shriveled by the words of your colleagues”? Is it so?

“Sorry, I did not understand”. Replied  Shrey as if All IS WELL!

“Don’t be a moron I know each and every word you heard from your so-called colleagues”?  Why don’t you told me about it? You used to tell me about everything.

“I am sorry, I promise not to repeat it”. Tears welled up in
his eyes.

The relationship of Shrey and Shreyshi was again back on track by the effort of the lady who was tagged “Mean, Loves your money” etc from strangers who haven’t met her!

Does your relationship resonate with this?

Do you ever face such a situation?

Were you ever influenced by stranger's comments about your love-life?

Next time if anyone tries to impose his/her preconceived notions on you. Wait and think rationally before you get convinced. There is no such body that has drafted the definition of REAL MEN and REAL WOMEN, refuse to accept all such sick thoughts.

Practical Wisdom

Don’t be Over practical like Shrey.

Embrace the Shriyashi of your life.

Tell everything to your Shriyashi so you don’t behave irrationally.

Why be influenced by some unknown and irrelevant people.

Never generalize your relationship, your relationship is unique in your own way.

The definition of real men isn’t accepted nor drafted by any “All Men World association”.


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