The greatest and the most uncontroversial ideal ruler of India

By - Abhudai Pal 

What are the qualities of an ideal ruler?

You might say:

  • Whose policies are pro citizens
  • Understand and value's the relation of him/her with the kingdom
  • Who is brutal to law violators and forgiving to his/her enemies
  • Had Serving attitude rather than ruling
  • Flourishing his kingdom culture and keeping the place for others too
  • Enriches its kingdom

Was there any ruler in history, who could fulfill some, if not all qualities of an ideal leader as mentioned above?

Yes, in Indian History there was an ideal king. If you are curious about politics and want to become the voice of the helpless, then you could learn a lot from this ideal ruler/king.

Let me introduce you to the qualities of this great ideal ruler.

Qualities of the Ideal Ruler

His decision-making ability was inclusive and uncontroversial.

He was the epitome of the valor.

His administrative ability was not myopic. Born to be the king without difficulties but ended up facing a lot of struggles.

Dealing efficiently with friends and foes was his characteristic. He was the man of huge patience and carries the courage of a ruthless unapologetic warrior.

A pro in spear and possessed the virtue of combating 100 warriors simultaneously on a battlefield.

He maintained the law and order of his country.

Head of the greatest cabinet of all time which comprised of his 4 younger brothers.

You must have guessed about the ruler I am referring to if you are a bit interested in mythology.

He was “YUDHISTRA” a character from the great Indian epic “MAHABHARATA”.


Yudhisthira was the eldest known son of Kunti and Pandu (Karn was eldest, but he was acknowledged after death). As his name says Yuddh Istra so was his character i.e.  “The one who is stable minded in the battlefield too”.

He was staunchly righteous. Come what may, he has never lied in his lifetime not even for once (Killing of Drona was diplomacy but not lie, an elephant named Aswathma was killed, it was Drona's mistake to not confirm whether his son was killed).

He was made the king of Hastinapur and was challenged for the throne by Duryodhan his cousin. The rift between the Pandavas and Kauravas widened, and lead to the division of the Kuru-rastra.

Pandava’s demanded the cursed land “Indraprastha” as their part. Yudhistra deliberately asked for the cursed land for the sake of maintaining peace with Kauravas. Pandavas, as ordered by their elder brother, accepted the cursed piece of land of Hastinapur Kingdom with the utmost humility.  

With Lord blessing, he with his younger brother built a magnificent empire on the cursed land. Such was the magnanimity of Yudhistra.  


When Pandavas were planned to burn alive with their mother in “Laaksha Bhawan”. Yudhistra advised his brothers to be peaceful instead of chopping Kauravas into pieces. He chose to forgive his younger brother “Duroyadhan”.

When Pandavas were ordered for exile which includes 11 years of unhidden exile with 1 year of hidden exile. During that hidden year, He was the chief advisor to the King of Matsya and under his advisory, the Kingdom of Matsya prospered multiple times. He was a genius policymaker and a great negotiator when it comes to handling International relations (Must be a different word in that era).

Pandavas emerged victorious in the Great War Mahabharata after defeating the stalwart warriors Bhism, Guru Dronacharaya, and Karna. He was not joyous at his victory and called it a pyrrhic victory. The entire clan of Kururastra was sacrificed in this war. Unfortunately, this was the war in which Hastinapur faced defeat after ages.

When he was made the king of Hastinapur which he was destined to become, but the bloodshed could be avoided if Duroyadhan was less arrogant. He requested his maternal uncle and aunt who had lost their 100 sons in the war to stay with them. He served them happily until they chose to retire from worldly pleasure and went to the forest to meditate.  While serving his uncle and aunt he treated them very friendly despite the fact that his uncle didn’t do justice with them when they returned after the exile of 12 years.

Revenge doesn't dare to touch the pious brain of Yudhistra.


After he became king of Hastinapur, Pandava’s conducted Ashvmedh Yag, in which they released a white horse. Arjun followed the Horse along with his army. The kingdom's Horse entered were given a call to wage war with the army or surrender to the rule of Hastinapur. In this way, the world accepted Yudhistra as their ruler and he conquered the whole world.

If Yudhistra been impatient/arrogant he might succeed as a
ruler of Indraprastha only, but his patience made him the world conquered.


Yudhisthira was the eldest not merely by birth by deeds too.

Be so efficient that you can convert cursed land into an incredible

To be a great leader you need to have BHIM, ARJUN, SHAHDEV, and NAKUL in your cabinet.

Great leaders are the man of great patience.

Be extraordinary in diplomacy and policymaking like Yudhistra.


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