Have You Asked Best 8 Questions From Your Friend? Your Friendship Deserves An Audit!

When you were born. Your father, mother, brothers, sisters, and relatives were your gift from GOD. These are the people who share, the joy of your first walk, tears of the first day in school, first speech in school assembly, first prize, your marriage etc. Without them, life is unmelodious. Their existence creates music in life.
Friends, what’s their role?

Which aspect of life remains unexplored without friends?

What is unique about the bonds of two or more people that they hold on despite the unbearable habit(s) of their mates? 

What we understand as friendship, isn’t that an illustration of “Birds of a feather flocks together”?

Is friendship a scheme of mutual benefit? 

Do you know?

The appreciating aspect of FRIENDSHIP, 'You choose the person with whom you surrender yourself willingly'. Isn’t it so? No one is being imposed on you? You speak your heart out to the person without a second thought.

You party, you ride, discuss ideas, build castles in Air, help each other in dating, plan each other marriage, share your fantasies, willing to help each other, plan mischievous acts, share expenses, dance together, drink together and whine about their kith and kins.

Every friendship is a recipe of many spicy stories. This is the beauty of relation that made it unique and distinct from other relation. In other relations, decency is expected to maintain, while in friendship having decency is indecent

Why bother, when you are not judged?

This is enticing, an ideal friendship. I believe this might be the friendship of the 19th Century. In our so-called modern world, when information is circulating faster than blood in your body. The notion of friendship is changing and that is fair as "CHANGE IS THE LAW OF NATURE".

I am being pessimistic about friendship. Actually not! I think of the various possibilities considering the practicality of life.

Pondering a lot, few questions arise in my mind regarding the authenticity of “FRIENDSHIP”-a self-chosen relation!

1-Is it wrong to expect a sensible behavior from your friend?

2- He/She is your best friend, then Is it a crime to share your feelings with him/her?

3- Is it fair to discuss your deliberations and ambitions to rest?

4- Is it okay, that your best friend abuses your crush besides knowing your self-developed emotional attachment toward him/her? If yes, then How?

5- Is it cool that your friend gifts you psychological pain if you “DISAGREE” with him/her?

6- Is it a sin to guide/expect your best friend to get the work done within a timeline?

7- Is it appreciating if your best friend makes an issue out of nothing?

8-Is it mandatory to always engage in loose talks to justify friendship?

If answers to the above 8 questions aren't in your favor and flavor. 

Ladies and gentleman, I urge you to take a leave forever from your friendship.

Friendship is a relation meant for liberation, not to shackled by any unjustifiable or invalid expectation(s). You must be happy to get over such disgusting and worth loathing friendship.

Convince yourself, this relation was not life-long, but a lesson for life. Maybe, your assumption of considering that person your best friend was not based on reliable parameters.

I understand the trauma of losing a person with whom you were you. But, tell me one thing. Will you?

Is it okay to put Jeans you aren't comfortable with? Certainly not!

Think rationally and let it go. The emotion-based decision will not help you to land a worthy destiny.

I am not cynical about friendship, but if this relation was not in your destiny. Let it go! If your frequencies do not match its cool for both of you. You must be glad to get rid of it.

As the "past best friend" of him/her just pray to the lord for his/her success. Accept the lesson of life. Had faith in your Lord, he must have made someone who will be worthy of your friendship. Be patient to meet him/her.

1- Your parents and family are your gifts from the Lord.

2- Friendship as a relation is unique.

3- Friendship must liberate you from problems not shackle you.

4- Leave a friendship where your emotions are not taken care of.

5- Don't put the jeans you are uncomfortable with.

6- Be thankful to the Lord for a lesson and your best friend does exist and be patient to meet him/her.


  1. Friendship is the cause of common traits without any condition.
    But there is many types of friendship exists.
    1. Conditional
    2. Seasonal
    3. Results oriented
    4.purpose oriented... Etc


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