The Tragedy of Sometimes!


SOMETIMES, I win. My win feeds my ego to perform better.
SOMETIMES, I lose. My failure generates in me a shudder.

SOMETIMES, I feel Relationships are great. I must have one.
SOMETIMES, I enjoy my solitude. Feel glad to have none.

SOMETIMES, I have amazing ideas. I worked and succeed.
SOMETIMES, I Hate my Ideas. I choose not to pay heed.

SOMETIMES, I feel thankful for my blessings from GOD.
SOMETIMES, In difficulties, I whisper, why me LORD?

SOMETIMES, I get appreciations from my writings.
SOMETIMES, Out of frustration, I choke many things.

SOMETIMES, I enjoy talking to friends for hours.
SOMETIMES, I wonder, why are they so sour?

SOMETIMES, I pray for the prosperity of every individual.
SOMETIMES, I curse the Education system for being so critical.

SOMETIMES, Writing helps me to vent my emotions out.

SOMETIMES, My Writings contradict me, I feel self clout.

SOMETIMES, I love my being punctual.
SOMETIMES, I feel sad for my behavior dysfunctional.

SOMETIMES, I repent, why I stick to the same crush?
SOMETIMES, I rue, not detesting all fuss.

SOMETIMES, Circumstances Favors me, saying Congratulations!
SOMETIMES, I feel washed by my mind's Infatuations.

SOMETIMES, I feel She/he is perfect.
SOMETIMES, I pity them for having no regrets.

Generalizing SOMETIMES is the biggest mistake of “All time”.


Never-ever generalize yours sometimes, Promise yourself that now.

Every moment is new, embrace it, it has opportunities which must not be compared with previous life incidences.


  1. Really enjoyed reading it!
    I like how you find creative ways in using the word "sometimes" and turning around the whole misconception of it.
    A great lesson to learn


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