Kidnapped Sita finds a friend in Lanka.

“Birds of a feather flock together”.


I think that when Mr anonymous said the above words. He wasn’t taught the rule of exceptions. Because if he was, then his quote must have included words like except, mostly, probably, in most cases, etc either as prefix or suffix.

I am not making fun of the maxim. But, there is really an exception when this maxim failed. I will tell you one such incidence from the Indian Mythology “THE RAMAYANA”.  Let’s begin.

To take revenge on chopping of his sister’s nose from Lord Ram. The king of Lanka “Ravana” kidnapped Sita, the wife of Ram, and took her to Lanka.

It is said that “Ravana didn’t touch Sita without her consent”, to praise him. The reason behind it could be that he has watched the movie PINK. Jokes apart!

He didn’t touch her because he was cursed that, “If he will touch any lady without her consent”. Then his head will be split into 7 pieces. So next time, Before you gave your “Not touching Sita” argument to praise Ravana. Use your brain and answer, “Do you call a kidnapper a nobleman in any scenario”? 

The kingdom Lanka was the place of "Rakshas"(Demon) and "Rakshasis"(Demoness).

Sita finds a friend

Once brought to Lanka, Ravana got an offer from her niece “Trijata”. She told Ravana, “I will tell Sita that Ram couldn’t defeat you, and convince her to marry you”. Mr. Ravana accepted her proposal and appointed her the caretaker/convincer to Sita.

It was unfortunate for Ravana, that Trijata was the daughter of her brother Vibhisana. And Vibhisana advised her daughter to take care of Sita and not harass her in any way.

So, In Trijata’s custody, Sita was safe. When Sita was harassed by other Junior Raakshasis, Trijata scolded them for their rude behavior. Instead of convincing Sita to marry her, she was telling Ravana to wait as Sita is thinking about her marriage proposal.

In the war of Ramayana. When Sita was informed that Lord Ram has died. Trijata cross-checked the news and told her that “Ram is fine, and in fact, he is winning the war”.

In Lanka, Trijata became the friend of Sita. She was Sita’s sympathizer and a trustworthy informer. When Lord Ram won the war. She wanted to accompany Sita, but she was denied as “Demoness” wasn’t allowed in Ayodhya.

The righteousness, honesty, and integrity of Trijata are of importance because despite being a Raakshashi by birth and appearance, her heart was human. And she proved it too by showing her humanity for Ram's wife.

Thus, the maxim “Birds of a feather flock together” is true. But, it must be remembered some birds never got to find their flocks, maybe because of birth, region, religion, race, caste, creed, etc. And that’s the exception for the maxim.

So,  if you haven’t found your flock. It doesn’t mean you become like others. Have patience. One day you will find as Trijata got on Sita's arrival.

Practical Wisdom

“Birds of a feather flock together” is true.

Trijata a rakshasi of Lanka became Sita’s friend and helped her in distress.

Trijata a demoness by birth and a courageous lady rebelled against Ravana secretly.

Stay who you are, you will find the like people.  


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