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Lord Krishna advice on How to live a life and When not to forgive a person.

By - Abhudai Pal   Happy Janamashtmi.  Every year all over the world, the Birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated. He was born on Ashtami Tithi of Krishnapaksh in Bhadrapada month.  Pic credit to the rightful owner.   Lord Krishna's approach to Life is the most practical among the plethora of Gods in India. His philosophy of Life is not entrenched in an idealism that is often impossible to practice. That is why I call him the coolest God .  The best aspect of Krishna's teaching is non-imposing. Even after lecturing Arjun, a.k.a Updesh, Krishna does not order him to follow his advice blindly. Instead, Krishna asked him to contemplate his advice.  And if that satisfies his conscience, then he may abide by them.  Although there is a lot to learn from Lord Krishna. Here, I will reiterate a part of his Updesh and his advice on tolerance in Life.  First, Krishna says the ultimate goal of this Life is to attain Moksha, i.e., to be free from the circle of death and birth. This philosop