Meet the coolest Indian God. Lessons you must learn from Lord Krishna's life

By - Abhudai Pal
Here comes the birthday of the God, I admire. He is the icon of Romance, Rebel, Valor, consultation, and a Political strategist.

His birthday known as Janmashtami is celebrated every year by his followers throughout the world. I will tell you that, why Lord Krishna is awesome and the lessons you must learn from his life irrespective of your religion.

Extraordinary birth circumstances

Krishna-The son of Vasudev(Father) and Devaki(Mother) was born behind the bars because his maternal uncle-Kansa, prisoned his parents due to fear of a prediction from heavens, which warned him that “The 8th son from the womb of your sister will put an end to your Adharma(Iniquitousness)”.

Frightened by the prediction, Kansa the hostile Ruler of Mathura killed the first 7 children of her sister. Krishna is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu- the caretaker of the world as per Hindu Philosophy.

So, prison locks were broken at Krishna's birth. Thus, Vasudev took his son to his friend Nanda’s home in Vrindavan. He did so, to protect his son from Kansa. Yasoda and Nanda brought him up and were Krishna’s Non-Biological parents.

Paranormal Childhood, Thief and the Savior of Vrindavan

Kansa somehow got to know that the 8th Son of Devaki is alive. Therefore, to kill Krishna and falsify the prediction. He sent several demons to kill him, after all, he was the LORD, thus, Krishna killed all demons.

Krishna was fond of butter. To consume butter, Krishna steals butter along with his friends. If Krishna was caught, he was beaten with a stick. While beaten, her mother was hurt more than him by her stick's hit.

When, Kaalia Naag (A black poisoned snake) spread his venom in the lake of Vrindavan, the chief source of water for the people of Vrindavan. Krishna taught him a lesson and forced him to surrender.

The rebellious and the logical Krishna

The culture of worshipping Indra i.e. the lord responsible for rains on the earth was prevalent in Vrindavan. Krishna found this culture illogical. He advised his parents and fellow villagers to worship “Govardhan Parvath” rather than Indra because Govardhan provides us Fruits, Vegetables, grass for our cattle and have significant other benefits.

What Indra give you?

Villagers followed his advice and worshipped “GOVARDHAN”. Indra in heaven was fuming when he watched villagers worshipping Govardhan in spite of him. To teach a lesson to the villagers of Vrindavan, he didn’t stop the rain for a few days

Krishna requested the villagers to help him in lifting the Govardhan so that they can stay inside it until the rain stop. Indra was arrogant, couldn’t understand that Krishna was the supreme authority. When his continuous rain failed to dampen the spirit of villagers, he understood who is Krishna, thus stopped the rain and apologize to Lord Krishna.

Krishna the man of ladies

Besides all the valor and logical side of Lord Krishna. Krishna was the man of ladies. He had many lady-friends but he loved Radha.  But, like many sad romantic stories, Lord Krishna couldn’t marry her. About Lord Krishna and Radha, it is told that “Their story preaches the meaning of love to the world”.

Krishna’s flute melodious voice was pacifying. This could be the reason he has so many lady-friends. I think the culture of playing one instrument to attract ladies is continuing since Lord Krishna’s time. The difference is that the guitar has replaced the flute now.

Krishna – A cool and a helping brother

Lord Krishna was liberal. His sister Subhadra loves Arjuna and he knew it. It was difficult for both of them to marry due to the Political-relations of that era. Arjuna thought to Kidnap Shubhadra, but in this situation, Krishna and Valrama had to wage war with him and Arjun would never use his weapons against Krishna and Balram. 

To solve this crisis, Lord Krishna advised Subhadra to take his chariot and Kidnap Arjun. In this scenario, with whom his brothers would wage a war, her own sister? Thus, Lord Krishna with his wits and strategies helped her sister to get married to the guy she loved.

Today’s over-possessive brothers must learn from Krishna that if his sister loves someone, she hasn't committed a crime, advise her but if she is adamant respect her decision. Stop being that guy, who wants to date every girl of the world but could not tolerate her sister dating a guy.

Krishna- Standing with justice and against immolating idealism

In the war of MAHABHARATA, Lord Krishna took an oath to not participate in the war.  Despite his oath, when Bhisma wasn’t defeated by anyone and was weakening the Pandavas Army spirit and strength.

Lord Krishna observed that Bhism is becoming an obstacle in the path of reinstalling the DHARMA on earth. He broke his oath and was ready to participate in the war. Lord Krishna lifted the wheel of chariot and stops the time and advised Bhism to not be a hindrance in the path of DHARMA. When Krishna showed him who he was, he accepted Krishna's advice.

Thus, when time restarted Bhism didn’t fight like earlier. Finally, he was killed by his own grandsons on the appearance of SHIKHANDINI.

Practical Wisdom

Janmashtami is celebrated as B'day of Lord Krishna.

Krishna preached the world the real meaning of love.

Boys must learn from Lord Krishna's meaning of brotherhood.

Krishna was against fake idealism, thus if your idealism is useless. Then, leave such idealism.


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