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Why Lord Krishna preaching's should be imbibed by youth.

By - Abhudai Pal  Happy Janmashtami!  Among the plethora of GODS worshipped in different religions. The only GOD which fascinated me is Hindu GOD KRISHNA. Considering what is practiced under the garb of religion worldwide has convinced me to hate all religions impartially. And I do that unapologetically.  However, exceptions are everywhere. So does exist in the world of GOD's. And, undoubtedly, the Philosophies of Lord Krishna on living life and overcoming life’s challenges, I admire the most.  Lord Krishna and Arjun For millions of his followers, he might be a GOD. While I felt more blessed in considering him as my friend cum life coach cum political adviser.   My affinity for my friend Krishna is not based on selfish motives or blind faith. It is his rationale and philosophies that enticed me the most.  Few reasons why I admire Lord Krishna;  Krishna and Idealism In most holy scriptures, it is said to forgive enemies despite his deeds, i.e., to practice Idealism unconditionally.

Why idealism in youth is vital for a nation? Is the youth of the 21st century idealistic?

By - Abhudai Pal  Give me just one generation of youth and I will transform the whole world. Vladimir Lenin   There must be something very special about youth, which compelled the famous Russian revolutionary to praise youth in such a strong way. Otherwise, among plenty of things available on earth, Lenin might have asked for anything but he demanded only youth. If a great revolutionary emphasizes youth then there must be some extraordinary-powers with them. I wonder that, does the youth of the present day meet Lenin's aspiration? I think Lenin must have aspired for youth engrossed in idealism. Not just Lenin aspired for idealistic youth. Even, our country needs an idealistic youth to prevent corruption because idealism is lacking in India’s youth . I am not saying it, this is indicated by the report of the committee on the prevention of the corruption, on page 109 the reports read , “Ways and means have to be found to ensure that idealism and patriotism have the proper place in