The journey from a Happy Relationship to Failed Relationship

That hangout was like the other one’s, reminisces Navya. 

On that hangout, Raj, her friend cum hangout guy surprised her. 

He was in dilemma,  wasn’t initiating any conversation, and was pretty unusual that day. Recalls Navya

All of sudden, the lights of the café were dim and romantic songs played in the background.
That day, Raj wasn’t speaking anything. He was replying in three words.  Okay, Done and cool!  And this appalled me then. 

As the waiter was bringing orders and every order carries a note.  I cherish his way of proposing, he didn’t say a word but with every note brought by the waiter conveyed his messages. 

Last one I still remember, “I know its weird, but proposing via writing is comfortable for me as I could not muster the courage to say anything”. 

The silent, honest, and child-like efforts he made that day, were so cute, I couldn’t say NO to his proposal and made him my boyfriend-cum-fiance then and husband later. I wish I might have friend-zoned him. 

The boyfriend was okay but making him husband was the greatest mistake I committed!

That’s how Navya explained the beginning of her failed relationship.

“I don’t know. What compelled me to propose a non-deserving Girl?” Frustrated Raj regrets.

What I haven’t done to make things fall in line. I fulfilled her every wish, whatever she asked for. But maybe destiny wants us to depart. Raj said with tearful eyes. 

You must be knowing that a failed person never acknowledges his failure and that carves his path of failure again.  
Both Raj and Navya are awesome at pointing to each other's fault, now. You must be thinking, How do I know? 

I know, after all, I am writing their story to prevent you from repeating similar mistakes.

Raj a guy with a decent salary is a swagger type. He wears, cloth, wristwatch, Goggles, Fit-bit, use Air-pods,  not because he needs them or for adding comfort to his life. But to show others his riches, and standard of living.

He is of Consumer-mindset. He believes that everything comes with a Price tag, which in most cases actually does. The idea of “proposing” wasn’t his brain-child. See, his effort which Navya assumed to be innocent was actually not his. 

What's written on the note was decided by someone else. And Mr. Raj pays for that too. If the words on the note weren’t his, then it can be concluded he has no emotions too for Navya. 

When he says that he fulfilled Navya every wish he meant, filing her wardrobe, purse, and shoe rack!

And don’t you dare to think that Navya doesn’t want them. She wants all of them but some emotional support too, which Mr. Swagger couldn’t provide.

When they were “happy in a relationship", their Instagram feeds and the Facebook wall was filled with photos caring, caressing, and saying nice things about each other which they don’t mean. Because if they meant their words then the status of a happy relationship couldn’t be converted to a failed relationship. 

They participated in every "couple-event" taking place in any corner of the city. 

You can understand, their affection for each other on social media was enticing and borne potential to make other couples jealous, still, they failed! 

Actually, the reason for their failed relationship can be explained by the famous English adage. 

Navya is addicted to “Judging a book by its cover”, while Raj knows "how to make a cover of the book, look attractive”.

That's how both came to the conclusion that "they struck a chord".
Being a close observer, I could affirm. Their relationship was never about love, emotional frequencies, supporting each other but was for acing social media competitions, captioning #CoupleGoals!  Thus, departing in such a case is not tragic but a valid expectation.

And obviously, to market/show their love towards each other on social media, everyone not just Navya and Raj, needs a “Good cover”. 

Finally, when the basics of a relationship are based on “Cover” and not the wisdom of the book. How long could it survive? After all, covers do tear apart early or later but if books are read, their wisdom lasts till your death. 

To put in economics terms, Raj and Navya's love for each other was in nominal terms rather than real!

Love is lost when it's marketing on social media becomes the norm. 

What is important? Loving someone via actions or exhibiting your love. 

Are Relationships for emotional support or Materialistic support? Make your decision.  

Judging a book by its cover is a hallmark of your "intelligence" to consider nominal as real.


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