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Why to be hesitant in calling a Spade a Spade? The tale of Rohit and Chitra.

By - Abhudai Pal  So do you abuse? Asked Rohit to Chitra,  Do you mean assault? Replied Chitra Not assault, so let me be precise with my question. Do you use swear words? Asked Rohit again to Chitra, Pic credit to She replied, "No," with a smirk.  In a way, Chitra was right. The word abuse carries deeper meaning rather than just the use of "swear words."  With such stupid talks, the familiarity/friendship between both of them evolved.  Rohit was a person whose notion of romance was akin to the ideal love stories of the world. Rather than dreaming of one night, his ideas of romance were poetic, abstract, and hard to find. He knows that such expectations of the world are irrational.  Despite knowing everything, this was one aspect of his life in which he did not want to compromise. He wants his partner to be ideal and his love story to be as devoted, dedicated, and passionate as Heer and Ranjha, Romeo and Juliet, etc.  Slowly and steadily, like every oth

Victoria's Love - Tale of valid expectation or insecurity! Lessons from her relationship!

By - Abhudai Pal   Victoria , an undergraduate girl, had average expectations from life. She was a rationalist and meticulous in her life choices. If you meet her, you will be surprised how someone could be so sorted! Friendliness and Helping everyone in her personal capacities were qualities she was known for. Albeit, she has plans for every stage in her life. However, life has the habit of going topsy-turvy. Pic credit  So the calm, stable, and jolly girl life was shocked by Aman, her college friend. A few months ago, when Aman asked for Victoria's help in an assignment, even she had not thought some "help" would be emotionally taxing. Actually, after the help, romantic developments happened. Usually, Victoria used to avoid such stuff. However, hormones do exist! And with Aman, her hormones ruled over her rationality. When Aman proposed to her, she could not resist and fell for him. No one had thought that she would fall at this juncture. Even she was surpr

The journey from a Happy Relationship to Failed Relationship

By - Abhudai Pal   That hangout was like the other one’s, reminisces Navya.  On that hangout, Raj, her friend cum hangout guy surprised her.  He was in dilemma,  wasn’t initiating any conversation, and was pretty unusual that day. Recalls Navya All of sudden, the lights of the cafĂ© were dim and romantic songs played in the background.   That day, Raj wasn’t speaking anything. He was replying in three words.  Okay, Done and cool!   And this appalled me then.  As the waiter was bringing orders and every order carries a note.  I cherish his way of proposing, he didn’t say a word but with every note brought by the waiter conveyed his messages.  Last one I still remember, “I know its weird, but proposing via writing is comfortable for me as I could not muster the courage to say anything”.  The silent, honest, and child-like efforts he made that day, were so cute, I couldn’t say NO to his proposal and made him my boyfriend-cum-fiance then and husband later. I wish I might have friend-zoned

Are you committing the same mistake as Shrey in your relationship?

By - Abhudai Pal Things weren’t really fine. The long hour’s talks, midnight confessions, and the future plans woven by both were tormented by the circumstances, circumstances of pseudo practicality which were shadowed by the clouds of disloyalty, trust deficit, and aloofness. Shrey and Shriyasi's relationship was the “Role Model” of the college. These love birds were famous in college and their anniversary cakes read “Best Relationship Ever”. The teachers of the college had to acknowledge their dedication towards each other besides applauding the academic excellence of both. Time flies, you had to acknowledge either willingly or unwillingly. On the farewell ceremony, both were honored with the title, “Perfect Complement” since they were economics students.  If there was an award for “College Couple” they would definitely win. Shrey and Shriyashi's name deserved to be engraved in the “Successful College Couple” records if there existed any. Both had different ambitions for th