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The journey from a Happy Relationship to Failed Relationship

By - Abhudai Pal   That hangout was like the other one’s, reminisces Navya.  On that hangout, Raj, her friend cum hangout guy surprised her.  He was in dilemma,  wasn’t initiating any conversation, and was pretty unusual that day. Recalls Navya All of sudden, the lights of the cafĂ© were dim and romantic songs played in the background.   That day, Raj wasn’t speaking anything. He was replying in three words.  Okay, Done and cool!   And this appalled me then.  As the waiter was bringing orders and every order carries a note.  I cherish his way of proposing, he didn’t say a word but with every note brought by the waiter conveyed his messages.  Last one I still remember, “I know its weird, but proposing via writing is comfortable for me as I could not muster the courage to say anything”.  The silent, honest, and child-like efforts he made that day, were so cute, I couldn’t say NO to his proposal and made him my boyfriend-cum-fiance then and husband later. I wish I might have friend-zoned