6 Major Differences, You Should Know Between Love and Infatuation.

By - Abhudai Pal and Anubhav Pal

Teenage, the period of life when you begin to step out from home alone, witness the world from your eyes and get a little experience of dealing with strangers. Some experiences are good while some horrifying.

The most enticing experience in teenage is the attraction towards the opposite sex. The tragedy of this age is that you feel in the same way for every guy/girl you stare and develops the belief he/she is your soul mate.

Melodies of songs such as – You, do you remember me?, Baby I am addicted!, Finally find you, girl! Songs similar to these play in your mind on repeat whenever you encounter a Tall, Handsome guy or a beautiful lady.

I believe teenage love is free from conspiracies and auditing of the person before falling for the guy/girl. But at this age what you feel for every person is not love. What you feel only for the one might be called love.

There exists a word which defines your feeling for every person you see and consider a soul mate. That is Infatuation. At www.practicalwisdom.in we worked to shed the clouds of uncertainty to tell you the differences between love and Infatuation. 

1- Infatuation makes you find every charming face of the opposite sex in metros or public places to call “MY SOULMATE”. While love call, one and only one the “SOULMATE”.

2- Infatuation makes you fall for that face which only satisfies the lure of your eyes. Love looks to find for a person who compliments you in your joys and sorrows.

3- Infatuation seeks handsome and beautiful faces. Infatuation seeks for perfect curves; six pack abs, glamorous and gorgeous looks.  Love promises each other to get perfect curves and six-pack abs by working together in a GYM. 

4- Infatuation looks for a partner who appears rich, handsome and successful. Love happens beyond these parameters and what matters is matching of ideologies and philosophy of life.

5- Infatuations are the result of hormonal rush thus temporary. While love is the result of the matchup of emotional frequencies.

6- Infatuation doesn’t last for years they are like bubble burst. Love doesn’t fade for years. Still, if you love someone and he/she didn’t reciprocate read this. 

During Teenage love and infatuation appears synonyms but they aren’t. Understand, Love is rare to find in teenage. 

Love is an unconditional pack of bonding of two souls. What matters is mutual understanding between two. To form such bonding requires time. But all are busy nowadays in scrolling Instagram and Facebook feeds!

Now you know the major 6 differences between love and Infatuation. If you satisfy the latter words of the above differences. You are one of the luckiest people, embrace your relationship and be thankful for having a wonderful partner.

After all, “Har Kisi Ko nahi milta yaha pyaar zindagi mein”.

Practical Wisdom

Love and Infatuation aren’t synonyms.

Love lasts but infatuations are ephemeral.

Love is rare to find in teenage.

Infatuations are due to hormonal rush while love happens when frequencies match.


  1. That pic ai'nt alluring at all.. Love how you quote songs for such a relevant article..


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