Why teenage sex is unhealthy and affects a teenager's overall development? The parents' silence deserves a break!

By - Abhudai Pal

Finally, I did it.

Wow, Really, Great, How, When, Where? Wait, have a seat and elucidate your experience to me in detail.

How did he/she agree?

Was it exciting, something which makes you feel like heaven as showed on screens?

How did you do it?

You are our guru now!!

Tell me from the beginning, I want to hear every detail.

The conversation you read above is one among the several discussions of a teenage group. They are not discussing any academic or non-academic achievement but an achievement which fetched glory especially for a boy in his friend circle.

Let us pay a little attention to the choice of the words on the achievement of the first sexual experience that the teenager is bragging about. "Finally I did it". Yes, a lady/gentlemen had sex in his teenage.

Is it a licentious behavior?

Two people mutually decided to explore each other, it must neither be offensive nor illegitimate. But is it okay to have intercourse in teenage?
Why can’t a teenager proclaim his sex experience on social media as he/she did for other achievements?
Are there any psychological effects of teenage sex?
Does sex experience in teenage prepare him/her for further opportunities or causes harm to him/her?

Why is teenage sex is a stigma?
Is it wrong to have sex in teenage?  If not, then why it is tabooed?
Teenage is the most confusing and exhilarating period of your life. The pricking fact is, “You are expected to behave neither immaturely nor maturely”. This expectation is akin to drawing a line in the sand and expecting it to be there always. Isn't it?
Researches confirm, teenage is the period of life when the brain is highly neuroplastic i.e the learning ability is maximum. He/She can learn/unlearn/relearn anything at a rapid pace than other age groups.
It is doubtless, the changes a teenager feels in his/her body automatically raises his/her curiosity about sex. The other factor spicing the sexual urges of teenagers are the ways in which sex is shown on screens. The age-group which is more inclined to emulate their celebrities, and it is a well-known fact screen gives them an impractical and unrealistic impression of sex.
Good or Bad, Moral or Immoral, Exciting or Regretting, what are emotions attached to teenage sex.
I don’t know! but researches conducted by the various institutions on teenage sex have concluded, “teenage sex drains a teenager almost in every aspect of his/her life”.
It has been found, Girls felt twice worse about themselves
than boys. They felt used after sex. In girls, the pattern
found is that their male counterpart is older than her, and
early sex leads to greater risks of suicide, depression, drug
abuse, alcohol abuse and of course pregnancy. Girls who
indulge in intercourse early are prone to cancer of the uterus.

If first sexual experience is negative i.e body shame, 
exploitation, pressure etc. Such sexual experience will
have a negative effect on further sexual experiences and
may lead to sexual dysfunction.

In 2000, in US 24,000 children were born from girls less than
18 years of age. The survey reports that 2/3rd of teenagers
who had sex experienced a higher level of anxiety, suicidal
thoughts, and depression than the ones who chose to be
virgin by choice!

In India, teenage pregnancies are alarming and early
pregnancies lead to anemia, Hypertension, Hemorrhage,
Malnutrition, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases. In India, to
be on safe side let me assume teenage pregnancies are due
to marriages in teenage but my friend who is very close to
hospital facilities told me the number of teen abortion cases
every day in the government hospital is significant.

So, in a nutshell, researches, surveys confirm “Teenage
sex” doesn’t make you Stud/Babe but drains the
potential which a teenager only possess because of his age.

Leave morality aside, even science doesn’t support teenage sex.
A significant reason why sex is prevalent in teens is because of the Parents' attitude of not talking to their kids. They consider sex as a bad thing thus can’t be discussed with children, but are ready to perform the act which can give birth to another child every other night!!
So, the most effective way to deal with teenage sex is talk, because in absence of a faithful listener he/she directs himself/herself to sex education, which induces a growing teenager to shrivel instead of blossoming.
If parents are not willing to teach their children the meaning and differences between LOVE and SEX, Who else will? They must encourage love but talk to their sons/daughters about sex: its consequences and the emotional aspects related to it. If they are not willing to talk about sex, then they must not be ashamed when their daughters come home pregnant and sons found near a brothel!!!
After all, how could you expect mature behavior from an age group who just stepped out of a home, alone and is miraged by everything of beauty!!!
Practical Wisdom:

Teenage sex drains a teenager.

Girls are more affected than boys because of sex in teenage.

Teenage sex is unhealthy as researches support.

Teenage sex is the result of unaddressed curiosity.

Teenage sex has catastrophic consequences like pregnancy, depression, guilt, self-hatred etc.

Parents must talk to their children about sex and must listen peacefully to the emotional roller coaster of their teenage kid.

Teenage sex can be avoided with a more
open attitude especially of parents and
mentors of teenagers.


  1. Teenage sex is an adventurism which leads to emotional insecurities. Both in male and female due to which neurons stert malfunctioning.
    Better to educate teenager on this issue to address this catastrophic problem.

    1. This is an effort by www.practicalwisdom.in to educate teenagers regarding their unaddressed curiosity.


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