The crucial Issue of 21st century solved and thats the reason of my infinite happiness !

By - Abhudai Pal 

I am amazed that instead of amaze. I would love to use flabbergasted. So, I restate with ultra rigor, vigor, and exhilaration that; 

I am flabbergasted. 

Do you want to know the reason for my flabbergast? No, no, you are utterly wrong if you think that I have found the love of my life. 

I am flabbergasted because the culture saving decision has been taken. The UP Govt under the leadership of my favorite leader Yogi Adityanath has passed an ordinance. The summary of the ordinance is “No More Love Jihad.”

If you don’t know what Love Jihad is? Then let me tell you, my friend. It’s a farce manufactured in the laboratories of Hindutva supporters! This is what leftists tell you. 

But you had to Believe me that Love Jihad is a conspiracy against Hindu women. The good looking, macho Muslim men cajole, manipulate and trap Hindu women in the name of love. 

Once an innocent woman fell into the trap, they made her pregnant, and when she wants to marry the guy, the Muslim men forcibly convert her into Islam religion and marry her. 

There are plenty of incidences of Love Jihad in India. But media reports had failed to find even one! See the biased nature of the media. They don’t report on crucial civilizational saving issues.

They report on Economic, Pandemic, Health Infrastructure, Education, Unemployment, Reports, and recommendation of committees of the Government of India? I mean, literally, how idiotic are they?

They don’t uncover the truth behind the love Jihad, and whenever they uncover the truth, the conclusion they arrive at unanimously is that there is no such thing as “love jihad.” Well, well, still I don’t agree with them. I ardently believe it is real, at least in the dreams of Bhakts!

Since this law has passed. I am tension free after all, before doing inter-faith marriage, the boy and the girl had to issue a notice of marrying a month prior.

And undoubtedly, a month is enough for our organization to pressurize the adults, who are mature enough to live life the way they want,  to hinder marrying. Especially if the groom is a Muslim man and the bride a Hindu woman. 

Could you feel the pain of a father who grows her daughter? For god's sake, forget her mother’s efforts in her upbringing. That's not our tradition, a.k.a paternalistic society. 

Engrave the following words in your gut: "Only father contribution is considered in upbringing his children."  So it's the father's prerogative to decide with whom her adult and mature daughter will marry? 

If a daughter falls in love with someone and decides to marry her love against her father's choice. She is an uncontrolled girl and a  dark blot. This is our society, and I comply with it.

Obviously, it's not our tradition that girls fall in love and then marry. A father marries her daughter first. Then for his "princess," loving her spouse is an obligation, not an option. Even after against her father's wish, if she marries, then it is a sin!

Albeit some old Hindu texts mention “Swayamvar,” where females choose their partner. I think this text must be written by the leftist.

I want to tell you a few more things. This society allows, in fact, to encourage me to marry a girl I like. If she likes me, that’s good, and if not, she has no choice. This is justified since I am a man, and being a man, I have a social license to assert my sexuality.

Don’t you dare to think that women should assert their sexuality? It is against our culture.  

The ultra-liberal thoughts I penned above are possible because of the paternalistic society—additionally,  tons of thanks to those ladies who chose to stay mum against this social order.

Often I think, How progressive and egalitarian was the vision of the BR Ambedkar that he talked of equal rights to women as men?

I mean, literally, how could he even think of that? 

Moreover, he drafted a bill called, “Hindu Code Bill,” which gave equal rights to a female child in her father's property.  When the bill wasn’t passed in parliament, he resigned. I wonder, who resigns in solidarity with women that too being a man! 

Someone, please tell me, doesn’t it humiliating for a man to get equal rights as a woman? They will occupy the same position as the man in schools, colleges, universities, institutions, etc., with their own mettle and hard work, and will order us! Did Mr. Ambedkar think of all this? I am certain that his advisors were dumb.

The bill ultimately got passed in bits and pieces by another progressive and visionary leader Jawahar Lal Nehru. Do hell with Nehru!

Practical Wisdom

Dear girls, if you failed to acknowledge that more than a man’s right to choose and marry the person of his choice. It is a brutal attack on your “right to choose” with whom to live, laugh, play, romance, had sex, etc. 

Actually, your mum is eroding and failing the efforts of Jyotiba Phule, Babasaheb Ambedkar, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Savitri Bai Phule, and many other reformers who strive hard to give you a fair share in society, be it socially and economically. 

Your failing of them certifies that what you deserve are the insane laws based on the "SMRITI'S of MANU" and laws like "SATI" under the banner of tradition. 

Now the onus to fight for your right is on you. Amen!


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