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The crucial Issue of 21st century solved and thats the reason of my infinite happiness !

By - Abhudai Pal  I am amazed that instead of amaze. I would love to use flabbergasted. So, I restate with ultra rigor, vigor, and exhilaration that;  I am flabbergasted.   Do you want to know the reason for my flabbergast? No, no, you are utterly wrong if you think that I have found the love of my life.  I am flabbergasted because the culture saving decision has been taken. The UP Govt under the leadership of my favorite leader Yogi Adityanath has passed an ordinance. The summary of the ordinance is “No More Love Jihad.” If you don’t know what Love Jihad is? Then let me tell you, my friend. It’s a farce manufactured in the laboratories of Hindutva supporters!  This is what leftists tell you.  But you had to Believe me that Love Jihad is a conspiracy against Hindu women. The good looking, macho Muslim men cajole, manipulate and trap Hindu women in the name of love.  Once an innocent woman fell into the trap, they made her pregnant, and when she wants to marry the guy, the Muslim men