A letter to Bapu on his 150th Birth Anniversary

Dear Bapu,

On 2nd October 2019, as India celebrates your 150th
birth anniversary. I am not happy and I want to tell you about the conditions
of India.

Under the banner of cleanliness, a government has stolen your spectacles. They chose not to invest in technologies so, “no human has to enter into sewer lines” and manual scavenging comes to the end.

Manual Scavenging , India, Bapu,

Bapu come back and advise the government to give your spectacles back and focus on banning manual scavenging!

Your idea of India was secular. The idea of a nation for which you fought, is murdered by people in the power. Indians are killed to protect the animal. Akhlaq, Tabrez, Junaid, and many others were killed by Mob and their mistake was their name. You said, “In India, I am biased toward the Muslim, and in Pakistan, I am biased toward Hindus” to defend India’s secular fabric. Today's leaders are lacking the moral courage to repeat what you said.

Bapu please come back and tell the importance of human v/s animal to my fellow Indians!

Your religious views were tolerable and harmless for anyone. You posed no threat to any religion. The alleged protectors of Hindu Dharma are killing people to protect their Dharma. To protect their religion they are even killing Hindu's and the killers are glorified. I remember, Subodh was a Hindu.

Bapu come back and preach dharma!

The people, you called Harijans had to fight against the system for their rights. They are Hindus and, they aren’t allowed to enter temples. Harijan grooms are denied the right to sit on a female horse in his Baarat and are forced to clean the shit of others.

Bapu, wherever you are come back and free Harijans!

Sadly Bapu, I am ashamed of the fact that the ideology which murdered you is on India’s throne. Your murderer is called a patriot. They are brutally murdering India’s Diversity. They want everything to be ONE, from Languages to races and to dresses.

Bapu, you opposed the two-nation theory. I request you on behalf of my fellow Indians. Please come back, and free India from the mindset of “UNIFORMITY”. Advise the government to learn from Hitler's attempt to make a uniform nation.

An exasperated patriotic Indian - Abhudai Pal


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