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Architect of India's Constitution. His contributions and return gift from India

By - Abhudai Pal Today, 14 th April 2021 is the 130 th birthday of Architect of India’s constitution Bharat Ratna Bhim Rao Ramji Ambedkar lovingly known as Babasaheb. Before telling you about the immense contribution of Babasaheb. I have a small incidence from my childhood. I was in the 7 th standard, it was 14 th April. A carpenter who was making furniture at my home asked me. “Today, you will lighten Dias? "  “No”. I said Then he asked, who are you? I sensed his intention behind the question.   “I am a human” I replied with a deliberate innocent face.  Then he understood that he won’t get to know the “thing” which he was interested in. Since then I always wondered why only a few houses lighten Dias on Babasaheb Birthday. Why my house doesn't celebrate this day? Was he just a man of few? And being the most learned man of pre-independent India. Doesn't his contributions belong to every Indian? CHILDHOOD OF ARCHITECT OF INDIA's CONSTITUTION The architect of Indi

A letter to Bapu on his 150th Birth Anniversary

Dear Bapu, On 2 nd October 2019, as India celebrates your 150 th birth anniversary. I am not happy and I want to tell you about the conditions of India. Under the banner of cleanliness, a government has stolen your spectacles. They chose not to invest in technologies so, “no human has to enter into sewer lines” and manual scavenging comes to the end. Bapu come back and advise the government to give your spectacles back and focus on banning manual scavenging! Your idea of India was secular. The idea of a nation for which you fought, is murdered by people in the power. Indians are killed to protect the animal. Akhlaq, Tabrez, Junaid,  and many others were killed by Mob and their mistake was their name . You said, “In India, I am biased toward the Muslim, and in Pakistan, I am biased toward Hindus” to defend India’s secular fabric. Today's leaders are lacking the moral courage to repeat what you said. Bapu please come back and tell the importance of human v/s animal to my fellow I