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Why new year resolutions fail and how to continue them?

By- Abhudai Pal New Year is approaching. You must be excited, rejuvenated, keen to start a new chapter of your life and planning to build habits for the decimation of inner demons. Isn’t it? Your New year resolution could be 1-Start Gym regularly 2-Begin Meditation 3-Practice Yoga 4-Study for a specific number of hours in a day 5-Work hard to be the best employee You must be knowing that many people hold on to their resolutions up to ten days, some twenty and a few up to a whole month. Why many fail, is an interesting subject to delve into? The sparkling curiosity observed on every face of new-year night diminishes as time passes by and you are like, “I am not experiencing any visible benefits of yoga/Meditation/Exercise”. I have wasted my hours exercising, despite watching some entertainment on Netflix or Amazon Prime! The reason why many fail to complete the New Year resolution could be? 1-Taking many steps at a time. 2-Taking resolution because it is “Tre

Alcohol - An underestimated weapon destroying families, love, Relations, health and generations?

By - Abhudai Pal Let’s party. A bit of it keeps you fit. These sentences mark the beginning of a habit which had already destroyed individuals, broken homes, caused financial hardships and affected many life's. What started as refreshment from your hectic life, lead to shackle your brain and within a few days of consuming alcohol, you get addicted to it. Everyone knows, “The difference between good and bad”, still many ends up indulging in activities for short-term pleasures (Bad activities). I have observed families, due to the habit of drinking; consequences were faced by the whole family Unnecessary verbal spat Affecting Children Divorces Emotionally shattered Regrets Hatred toward others Sucks priorities from a person’s life Is Alcohol biased in its effect? Does it cause more harm to any particular section? Alcohol is even recommended by doctors? Is it just a male related issue? Yes, alcohol is biased in its nature. It harms the poor people mult

Laziness - The most Effective Shortcut to self Destruction. Overcome laziness to enjoy life.

By - Abhudai Pal “A life of leisure and life of laziness are two things; there will be sleeping enough in the grave”. Benjamin Frankli n The words of Benjamin are apt to differentiate “Leisure” and “Laziness”. Leisure is assumed to have possession of materialistic things and one had to work no more for the future. If an individual has some luxuries in his/her life. You think how fortunate is he/she? They need not work anymore and can enjoy their life comfortably. This assumption is erroneous. When the thoughts of working no more sink in, it leads to the problem of failure. The lackadaisical attitude of an individual makes him LAZY and, LAZINESS is the best friend of “FAILURE”. Laziness is taking more rest than the acceptable requirement of the body. The problem of laziness starts with having nothing to do but ends up doing nothing when a task is at hand. I have a litmus test for laziness. Do check, are you lazy? When you wake up if you feel refreshed/ rejuvenat

Aren’t you a Tree of Solomon ISLAND? Are you gullible and easily influenced by People suggestion?

By- Abhudai Pal A strange custom exists in SOLOMON Island . To cultivate more land, tribes of  Island doesn’t use AXE to cut trees. Instead, they  gather around a tree and curse it.  Every passer-by curses it severely, and within a  month tree fell down. Is it real? Yes. You can Google it! Does it Relatable to humans?  Read to explore! Do humans shrivel like TREE OF THE  SOLOMON ISLAND? Something similar to SOLOMON  ISLAND  was said by the dictator  of GERMANY. "MAKE THE LIE BIG, MAKE IT SIMPLE, KEEP SAYING IT, AND EVENTUALLY THEY WILL BELIEVE". - Adolf Hitler Many often friends/family made fun of  their peer and kids. They pass heart-piercing  comments and assume it won’t cause any harm, comments like 1- You would never amount to much. 2- Calling by funny names. 3- Why you even try? 4- Failure is your companion. 5- You are a JINX. 6- You and irresponsibility are synonyms. These are Individuals taunts, but  collectively, our so