We will decide whom you love. Love is an order not Choice - India's Valentines Day!

By - Abhudai Pal 

“Let us celebrate 14th Feb, Valentine’s Day as Matra-Pitra Poojan Diwas.”

The above words were written on a banner hung near the most crowded place in Kanpur. The organization, which hung this banner was influential. However, I assure you that you will laugh hard when you know the organization's head's name. 

Since then, I am intrigued by the mindset of such ultra-progressive thoughts. What threat does Valentine pose for parents? That it needs to be celebrated as Matra-Pitra Poojan Diwas. 

Moreover, if these guys are so respectful of their parents, they can celebrate it whenever they want. To make the occasion more auspicious, they must consult with astrologers to reap paranormal dividends too. 

But my friend, you must understand that their intention is not to respect parents. They want you to be trapped in the garb of culture, which they can’t even justify because of the simple reason that they do not understand the culture. They are hooligans whose ability to debate, deliberate, and discuss is as good as Freedom of the Press in India. 

The most disgusting thing about their proposal of celebrating this day is the date of 14th February? Out of 364days in an average year, they choose 14th Feb only. Actually, they are victims of western culture. That’s the reason they fixed a western date for their indigenous Diwas! 

Moreover, In India’s Culture, there is a day for every relation. Like “Karvachauth” is reserved for married couples, Rakshabandhan for brother and sisters, etc. Then what’s the problem if there is a day for expressing love between lovers (married or unmarried), i.e., Valentine’s Day. 

Thus I believe Valentine’s Day must be celebrated like any other festival in India.  

And to the proponents of Matra- Pitra Poojan Diwas, I would like to ask. If 14th Feb begins to celebrated as Matra- Pitra Poojan Diwas, then which day are you recommending to future “Parents,” who mostly met and express their love for each other on Valentines' Day?

Do you have any alternative dates to preponed or postponed Valentines' day? Actually, they do not have. According to them, expressing love, which is of sexual, romantic, and erotic nature, especially between lovers, is immoral and against culture.  

And Fun fact is that the people who call this immoral and against culture are the ones who bother newly married couples if they don’t have a kid within a year or two. So their condition is like they can't digest lovers sitting together in public places with holding hands, embracing each other but what they want is the ultimate result, the “KID.” 

Really! But this seems a reasonable expectation! Just Meet for babies; romance is against culture.

Do not dare to think that they only hang banners with such “progressive” thoughts. On Valentine’s Day, if young men and women consensually choose to Hold-hand, hug, and embrace each other in parks, restaurants, and cafes. 

They intrude in their personal space and use violence to make the couple's “Valentines'” day memorable, although in a negative way! According to them, the justification for doing so is that “this is against our culture.” 

But if you ask them to debate, deliberate, and discuss culture? They will say this is against our culture. This means, according to them, the culture is not to question culture. But without asking about culture, it is impossible to understand culture per se.

Still, my dear, Friend, Junior, Senior, Classmate, Schoolmate, Soul mate, College mate, Facebook friend, and Whatsapp contact. If you dare to fall in love and chosen to marry the person after convincing your entire family. 

They, yes they still pose a threat in your decision. Because of the simple reason which they understood but you don’t. “It is against our culture.” 

This further translates into “Your marriage is your parent's discretion,” and anything against this is “not our culture.”  If you are audacious enough to challenge their notion by going with your conviction and decision. 

The chances that you will be rewarded with another life, i.e., death, are damn high. 

If any of my future generations will ever ask me, “What is one thing I should never do as an Indian”?  I would advise him/her “not to fall in love.” Because till now, as a society, our inability to accept love, which is of romantic, erotic, and sexual nature, had failed us as human beings.

And I have to give due credit to banner installers that they have set enough precedents for me that I hate to love, especially sexual, erotic, and romantic nature. After all, the deaths of many do scare me. And it is in my benefit to learn from the mistake (loving someone) of others and think of their rewards (death). 

The organization that proposes this day was headed by Godmen who went to Jail for some “sexually harassing women” type cases. He used to gives Hopes (translate it in Hindi) in the name of Ram.

Practical Wisdom 

The desire to celebrate Valentine's Day as Matra-Pitra Poojan Diwas is Bizzare.

The forces are so westernized they chose the western date for the indigenous occasion. 

The proponent must announce an alternate day for the celebration of lovers' day.

The content is "culture," and their intent is "bigotry," "inhuman," anti-love," and "feudalistic."

Love the biggest societal crime in India.  


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