This Diwali Our Efforts Has Failed Us As A Human Being

By - Aayushi Mishra 

My curiosity to get a genuine answer to a question is bothering me day and night. I have failed to find a convincing answer myself, thus after mustering a lot of courage, I want to know your stand. 

Was it impossible to avoid using fireworks on Diwali this year?

The virus has affected each one of us irrespective of our religion or culture. This pandemic has destroyed the world's economies leading to the untimely demise of more than a million people worldwide

Considering the havoc wreaked by the Pandemic. This year should have been about our collective strengths to tackle the intruder. 

But from somewhere, the argument of bursting crackers and religion are linked. The people who call for a boycott of crackers are projected as “Dharm-Virodhi” (Anti-Religion).

To those, I would like to ask. 

Can't you think and act like a human being, at least for a day? 

Can't you and I be together on a crucial issue for a day? 

Can't we think of others as our family for a day? After all, the world is one big family is the“Hinduism” concept. 

I failed to understand that which religion you are following after killing your rationality and conscience. 

This year the intruder has already murdered more than a lakh Indians.

Do you want to increase the number? 

Why should it bother you? Let me explain. 

For instance - If any person dies in your locality. Don’t you grieve for his absence? You do right!  

This year we have lost many of our fellow brothers, sisters, Aunts, Uncle, etc. In Hindus, especially, we have a ritual of not celebrating any festivals for at least a year in remembrance and honor of the deceased soul. So can't you avoid it for religion's sake?   

Have you ever thought about the sufferings of the people, who have lost their loved ones, whose livelihood got destroyed, the severe mental and emotional trauma migrant workers went through?

Some people justify cracking crackers as an inevitable Diwali ritual.  But deep down, they know that they should avoid it at least this year, considering the pollution and the pandemic.

Every year I don't burn crackers at all, although I enjoy it. Not every year, my instinct compels me to write an article requesting you to avoid crackers because, in the past years, the situation was normal, but this year things are topsy-turvy.  

I request you to do an exercise.  You must-do if you have burnt crackers this year even after knowing the consequences.

Stop your breath for 7 min! 

Sounds weird, NO? 

Yes, because it is. I bet you can't hold your breath for 7 minutes. Now, think of those who are dying due to breathlessness and several respiratory diseases. Our use of crackers will make their death more frequently. Congratulations to all of us! We all have succeeded in being someone more dangerous than corona. 

Still, do you think that you are worthy of being called a human being?

Till yesterday, I was sure that no-one will burn Crackers as govt has banned them. People are sensible enough, and they understand the circumstances, but their efforts proved me wrong.

The more we care about caste, religion, color, and this but feminism, equality, dowry, infrastructure, economy, and the rubbish thing we think of.

But I want to know.  Are these things the reason for our existence on this Earth? 

Today you might be single, and you may not have any responsibilities. But one day, you will have kids and family, and the poison you have mixed in someone else's life in the form of pollution will harm your life too. 

I don't want this to happen, but a severe pollution level will lead to breathing diseases. Maybe you will be praying outside the hospital just like those who are praying today for less pollution so their loved ones could be saved, but they will lose them because of our collective insensitivity.   

I wonder whether the deaths of so many people don’t shiver us at all?

Is any sympathy is left within us for the people who are suffering while we used crackers? 

Those people who argue that pollution isn’t only because of Diwali celebrations, but the 90% problem is in those 364 days of the year.  I say that if you can't stop yourself for a single day, you can never stop yourself in those remaining 364 days.

So, again I would ask. 

Was it impossible to avoid using fireworks on Diwali this year? 

Please respond in the comment section to douse my curiosity. 


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