The forgotten Indian's. I am sorry for everthing you have to go through.

Forgotten in a month from the limelight.
Financially devastated.
Legs are swollen. Not in a condition to walk but walked.
Left to die on roads. 
Ill treated by the people who promised them of "Acche din".

The situation described above is not of foreigners. They all are Indians when P.M. of India announced nationwide lockdown beginning from the midnight of  25th March 2020. 

The worst-hit were makers of modern India. Unfortunately called, “ Migrant Workers”. I always think, how “non-inclusive” and “myopic” is the decision-maker who forgot the existence of about 139 million migrant workers in India.

The problem is not with the decision-maker. The problem is that I am expecting an inclusive and rational decision from a person who is an unofficial Editor of every news organization (Both print and T.V). That is a hectic job and then finding time to make an inclusive and rational decision is another tremendous work.

If you think that, migration crisis was not a “one man-made disaster” and was over-hyped by media. Then please prepare a cup of Dalgona Coffee and read while sipping. 

Let’s begin and experience how “over-rated” is the migration crisis? 

As a Kid did you sleep on the suitcase, while your mother had to cover a distance of 800km from Punjab to Jhansi? No. 

Then please tell this child, when he achieved maturity, that how lucky you were to experience once in a million-year chance. Tell him too that, the people who begged before your parents promising them and their child of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas and Sabka Vishwas” had removed them from their definition of “Sabka”. 

Besides removal from “Sabka”, they treated your parents and others with similar circumstances as if their hard work doesn’t bring prosperity to Mother India. 

Girls are in no way less than boys, proved Jyoti Kumari from Bihar. 

She along with his ailing father was trapped in Gurugram due to the lockdown. Thus, she decided to cycle from Gurugram to Bihar covering around 1200km in 7 days carrying his father on the rear carrier. This news surfaced around 23rd May 2020.

I want to know. Is it something to be proud of? Really! Instead of questioning the Lotus brigade that “Why a girl had to carry her ailing father for 1200km for 7 days“?  The entire “Godi Media” gone GAGA over her achievement. No one dared to ask, “ Why her father and daughter were denied any means of transport?” 

This is nothing more than making a joke about one’s poverty. I sincerely want Jyoti to understand a few years later, that how her institutional caretaker (government) with tons of money and resource in hand left her bicycle for 1200km. 

Hats off to Jyoti for her mental and physical stiffness! And again, Who is Jyoti's culprit? 

Especially in Childhood, a mother is everything. But what if a toddler lost his mother and found playing near her mother's corpse?

This was the case at Muzaffarpur Railway station, where a toddler was playing with her mother, completely unaware that she is no more. The age of the mother is 23 years,  dehydration, extreme heat, and hunger were reasons cited for her death. 

When this child will grow up and find that his mother did not die a natural death but was killed brutally by the governance of Sushashan Babu who thumps his chest for aid, his govt provided. 

What answer does chest-thumping, self-proclaimed Bharat Mata’s son’s and daughter's have for the toddler? 

Wasn’t the toddler mother not a daughter of Bharat Mata? 

Why she wasn't provided food and water on the train?

Who is responsible for the death of a toddler mother? 

Do answer yourself if you have time left after completing all lockdown trends like the Dalgona Coffee one. 

The perils of the migrant worker were not just that they had to walk miles. But the most ridiculous part is that when they have understood that the people whom they trusted are incompetent and decided to cover miles of distance on foot. 

They were denied the opportunity to walk on roads thus they decided to walk on the railway track. But when they decided to take rest on the track, a goods train crushed them. The incident took place in Aurangabad in Maharastra. 

If govt was empathetic enough to allow them to walk on the road. Their deaths could have been subverted. 

In Auraiya, on 16th May 2020, about 20 migrant workers died on spot after an accident. Whose responsibility was to take them to their native?

Adding one more to the list, Pregnancy is the crucial phase in a women's life. She deserves care, compassion, nutrition, but India’s uniter in Chief had forgotten about them too. 

A worker carried his pregnant wife on a wooden cart. Many delivered babies then they had to walk. Do you need to be logical to understand their plight? 

Amidst many stories, our politicians again lowered the bar of humanity by asking money from laborers for tickets. 

Among all Gujrat was treating “migrant laborers” like no one can! Gujrat police made a sincere effort to stop the spreading of the corona by sending migrants workers in a sealed truck back to Palghar, Maharastra, in which they faced difficulty in breathing. The Gujrat model! 


Technically, the onus of this disaster lies on the central govt, because they invoked the “National Disaster Management Act”.

And when our fellow Indians, Bharat Maa Son’s and daughter, Maker of modern India, Contributors to Indian economy aka “Migrant workers” were left on roads to walk thousand of miles. 

Indian Govt/ Solicitor General, Tushar Mehta, told the Supreme court on 31st March 2020, “there is no one on-road and all workers are rehabilitated”.  I would suggest to him that, rather than saying such long sentences he could have said 3 magical words that would have saved his effort as well as time.

3 words are, “Sab Changa si”!

If Mr. Tushar was correct then, Auraiya, Muzaffarpur, Aurangabad should not have come to the limelight. All these incidences are of post 31st March 2020. 

Mr. Solicitor General (SG) should learn and understand the meaning of the word, “Chronology”.

If you ever wondered how shameless govt is, you must take into account the statement of Indian Govt/ Solicitor General in the Supreme court. He called media covering the pain and plight of Migrant Workers, “Prophet of doom” in response to the Supreme court asking S.G. what govt has done for migrant workers. 

Rather than answering, questions, Mr. S.G gave a long speech questioning journalism, critics, academicians but the answer was nowhere. 

Questioning “patriotism”? Really, journalists, critics who are raising concerns of migrant workers their own citizens are non-patriotic? 

SG's understanding of patriotism is scary.

Well, Mr. SG forgot that a journalist's job is to report and that’s what he is doing like you are doing what your govt tells you. 

FYI- People voted for govt to solve their problems, not journalists, critics, or academicians. 

In which direction our democracy is heading? Or to put in a melody Hum kis Gali Jaa Rahe Hain... 

One thing that really bothers me. Who is the culprit of millions of migrant workers?

Is it the decision-maker or the people who send such a myopic person to decide things of utmost importance. 

To all the migrant workers, I would say, “ I am sorry” for failing to convince my fellow citizens that your vote just doesn’t decide how your life will be, but it affects the society around all of us. 

I am sorry for failing to explain to my fellow citizens the traits of fascism. 

I am sorry that I am responsible for your present condition in an implicit way.

I am sorry that I am saying sorry for something unforgivable.
I promise that, since I understand the seriousness of my vote, I will vote so that taking inclusive and rational decisions becomes an obligation rather than an option.  


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