Pandava's win in the Mahabharta? Their ability or luck!

By - Abhudai Pal

Have you ever thought, what was the main factor for Pandava’s Win in the Battle of Kurukshetra known as Mahabharta?

The 5 brothers, Yudhistra, Bheem, Arjuna, Nakul, and Sehdev emerged as the undefeatable warriors of the war, famously known as Pandavas.

Pandavas, Madri's. Son of Pandu

The 5 brothers weren’t born from their mother's womb but were born of prayers to different gods. According to the Indian epic Mahabharata, Pandava’s mother Kunti received a boon from Sage Durvasa that by chanting the mantra followed by invoking the particular God she will be blessed with a baby boy from that GOD.

Accordingly, when the time arrived and Kunti prayed to Lord Yamraj and she was blessed with Yudhistra.  Being the son of Yamraj, Yudhistra came to be known as Dharmraj – The epitome of righteousness.

In this way her two other sons, Bheem and Arjun were born. Nakul and Sehdev were also born in this way by the 2nd wife of Pandu, Madri. Kunti invoked Ashvins Kumar for Madri and she was blessed with twins.

It is a matter of fact that the 5 sons of Kunti were extraordinary since they were the gift of paranormal forces (Gods). So, it could be concluded that “Their extraordinary powers as the child of God were the reasons of Pandava’s Win”.

If this was the case then, I think Pandava's must be defeated and broken several times before the final war “MAHABHARATA”. Actually, they weren’t fighting against the people with rules. Their war was with the wannabe King Duryodhana, who was desperate for the Hastinapur throne and his ill-will was consistently fuelled by his Uncle cum conspirator Shakuni.

Their war was with the unscrupulous army.

A war whose sole motive was to quench the Dyrodhana’s “EGO”.

Pandava's Win and Lord Krishna

If taking the muscle power of Pandava’s into account. Then the opposite side too possessed enough warriors to tackle them. Yudhistra's response was Guru Dronacharaya. Bheem could be easily blown away by his Great Grandfather BHISM and Arjun, he was nothing more than the toy for Karna.

The remaining two younger brothers Nakul and Sehdev could be easily finished by the Duryodhana himself.

Thus, if you were to credit Pandava’s win for their strength in Mahabharata. I will say that your analysis of the Mahabharta is flawed.

Just introduce a factor in Mahabharta and you will witness the real game-changer. He was Arjuna’s Charioteer, Lord Krishna.

Could Pandava’s truly kill Bhism Pitamah if they weren’t guided by the Krishna?

Considering Yudhistra’s rigid vow to always speak the truth. If Krishna’s diplomacy to use his vow as a means to kill Guru Dronacharya was not followed. Who should have won the war?

Then, the most painful and opportunistic killing of Karna. Opportunistic because he was killed when he forgot his knowledge to use the bow and arrow. Painful, because of Arjun killing his own elder brother.Arjun Killing Karn, Karn wheel stuck in mud, Krishna advises Karn

How could you forget Duroyodhana Killing? Was it possible if Krishna chose, not to hint Bheem about the weakest body part of Duryodhana when his body was turned into steel except his thighs? I believe certainly not.

So, the most important factor in Pandava’s win was the support of Lord Krishna. Krishna's advice is practical to live in any era. He is still a perfect blend of spirituality and Practicality.

Therefore in life, to succeed just do your work with honesty and integrity as Arjuna did. And make Lord Krishna the charioteer/guide of your life. You will definitely come out with flying colors.

Practical Wisdom

Pandava’s were the 5 sons of Maharaj Pandu and her wives Kunti and Himadri

The war Pandava’s fought against was with unscrupulousness and immorality

Crucial Factor for Pandava’s win was Lord Krishna support

Make Lord Krishna your Guide and perform your duty.


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