Love Pollution Meet its creators and victims

By - Abhudai Pal

What is love pollution?

You must be aware of Noise pollution, sound pollution, air and water pollution, etc. Irrespective of the nature of pollution the common aspect of pollution is that it causes harm to the physical and mental state of humans.

Complying with its harmful nature, love pollution harms the emotional well being of a person. We know that all type of pollution is created by men for their comforts and luxuries. The luxuries are fulfilled? 

I don’t know, but in the quest of adding luxuries to one’s life pollution is certainly added. The effects of pollution which we studied in the textbooks are visible and the classic instance of this is India’s Capital Delhi

Pollution is generated when we start exploiting natural resources. Similarly, love pollution is generated when you began exploiting someone feeling under the banner of “It’s the age and time to have fun”.

Parents and your relationship approval

Have you ever thought about it!

What compels parents to not validate their child's relationship?

Why parents, generally, don’t support their child's decision of marrying someone of their choice?

It’s very easy to know. You know the answer but lack the courage to accept your deeds.

Neglecting the social parameters, the main reason why parents don’t approve is that because they know at this age (18-28) their kid's heart beats for every person of the opposite sex, in general. They understand the futile nature of this age group to date, anyone, just with good looks.

And it’s better to know that relationships are certainly not meant for adults with childish behavior!  Okay, Okay, I understand your plight that without dating someone how could you know whether he/she is “your type”. Your parents aren’t bothered that you date many.

The problem is that you don’t want to acknowledge the fact that dating doesn’t mean you end up being so close to someone physically and describe it as “That’s how things work in modern times”.  

I think that’s a nice way to satisfy your lust and simultaneously fooling you. If you can kiss, hug and get intimate with your every guinea pig (date) and call that okay! I humbly request you to describe your dates to your parents.

Love pollution and Youth

So, if you are the one whose definition and acts comply with the above-mentioned description. You create love pollution. The most hilarious part is that the creators of Love pollution are its victims.

How? Let me explain.

First, they ride every car and call it the “modern norm”. Second, When they want to settle in a car according to their ABILITIES, then they are ridden by someone else, which they hate. That’s interesting. Law of Karma at work!

So, Dear creators of love pollution. If you don’t want to accept the difference between love and lust, at least do not litter the streets with your lustful deeds. I want you to read some of the greatest love stories ever penned and learn to love especially from Lord Krishna.

You must be thinking that okay I got the writer’s point but how to decide between the right and wrong thing?

For that I would say, don’t do anything which you don’t expect your future kids to do before a certain age and time. Fair enough?

Love pollution and its effect

The effects of love pollution aren’t just limited to the negative societal perception toward love. If, the emotional well being of a person is hurt in your “just for fun” process.  Will you make an effort to bring that person back to normalcy?

I am not pointing towards anyone ( Girl/Boys) in their ability to create love pollution. But I know in this case, both are great competitors. To fulfill their lustful prophecies, crossing any extent is just a matter of seconds!

Girls and boy hand in hands, Happy teenagers, Teenage couples, Teenagers in love

The onus to revive love is on us (We the Youngistan of India) and what we must do is understand what love is. Because when you do so, you can convince your parents about your partner's choice and they will agree, once they understand that your love isn't inspired by Roadside Romeo and Juliet.

In the absence of data, I can’t comment on the number of relationships converted into happy marriages in India. But you can guess the number from your surroundings and which isn't inspiring.

So, before you ask your parents to agree on the choice of your life-partner. Learn to love and date responsibly and don’t be the creator of love pollution.

Practical Wisdom

Parents don’t approve their kid relationship.

The Love pollution which harms the emotional well being of persons

Understand the difference between Love and Lust

Learn to date and love responsibly


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