CAA-NRC-NPR. Will the weird name guy, be in or out of NRC?

By - Abhudai Pal 

CAA-NRC-NPR is the most inflammable topic in India. Some are in favor of this while some others are opposing it vehemently.

In the entire wholesome, those who didn’t get a place in any category are the bunch of confused some. I met many confused ladies and gentlemen. One guy, in particular, was so awesome that he made me confused about his situation.

What’s your opinion of CAA-NRC-NPR? I asked the guy curiously.

I expected some intellectually loaded arguments with mention of the constitution of India, Article 14, Right to equality, Preamble, etc. But the guy replied:

“Oh, what’s that?”

At his 3 word answer, I was dumbstruck. From my observation, I can say that the man was in his mid-30s.

I told him the entire thing about CAA-NRC-NPR. Then I asked him,

“So what do you think now”?

He asked me how will this affect him? I told him that when NRC will be implemented you have to submit some documents to the Government of India as proof of your citizenship.

“Some documents that’s all. I have many known persons in the bureaucracies. I will get my work done within seconds”.

What’s your religion? I enquired and that’s the 1st step to discrimination. He didn’t reply.

What’s your caste? He still didn’t reply.

I thought that I am being racist towards him and actually I was. But my intention was to know the reasons behind the indifference of this guy. See, what CAA-NRC-NPR has forced me to ask!

Well, the conversation ended. And before saying goodbye to the guy I asked his name?

“FAT-JP”, He said.

I wondered as his name doesn’t tell anything about his religion.
I decided to carry on with my life. But his name kept bouncing in my head.

In order to quench my curious thirst. I somehow got the journalist's instinct in me from the paranormal forces. I decided to investigate. Before, I tell you about his indifference on the CAA-NRC-NPR issue. Let’s know a bit about him.

My finding reveals that he was a guy born in a billionaire family. He is one of the rare individuals who doesn’t have to worry about his entire life for any kind of luxury by virtue of his birth. He was the owner of luxurious cars. His status was no less than a superstar.  You could assume that except fame he has everything which might be your fantasy.

Leaving luxury aside, the CAA-NRC-NPR has been discussed widely and been in limelight after the ruckus in Jamia Milia Islamia Campus by the so-called protectors of law and order. But this guy knows nothing, the reason being his Luxuries. So let me get back to his name.

Generally, In India names are enough to know a person's religion, caste, his state, etc. Even so-called “elitists” aren’t able to escape this phenomenon. Then, how could this guy?

 FAT-JP.  Who got such a bizarre name?

Being discriminatory, let’s say what his religion will be written in the NRC documents. And, assuming that if the government wants to curtail the citizenship rights of people of a “Particular Religion”.

In which religion he will be placed?

How he will be discriminated against the religious ground?

Based on his name, Will he be called a “refugee” or “Infiltrator”?

The clerk who will be pronouncing his name had to face the dilemma of keeping him in or out of the NRC?

His background investigation also failed me to know about his religion or the logic behind his name. So, I reached his home one day. I took the id of my Bureaucratic friend and went his home to enquire about his detail as the data collector of NRC.

Fortunately, He couldn’t identify me. When I asked him his name.

“FAT-JP”, he said.

What is your religion? I asked.

He remained quiet. I insisted, Sir your religion, please?

“I don’t know”, He said. This time I want to bang his head. How could it be possible for a man in his mid-30s, living in India, don’t know his religion?

What is this FAT-JP? Who got so weird name? I said in irritation.

It’s the short form of my name. Said Mr. FAT-JP

Okay, tell me your full name, else you are out of NRC.

“Farooq Ahluwalia Thomas Jain Pandey”.

It is a name or your generations’ history.

He said, “In my family, we add the name of predecessor before us. My name is Farooq, my parents were Ahluwalia, my grandparents were Thomas and so on and on and on.”

I understood. If a guy has got such a diverse background it is really difficult to know one’s religion.

Firstly, I was happy that my country is a home for people of such diverse backgrounds. Secondly, I felt sad about the existence of a man, who tests a person's patriotism from his religion. Finally, I am confused about “FAT-JP”. Whether his first name or last name would be kept in mind when deciding to keep him in or out of NRC.

“FAT-JP” in a way resembles what INDIA stands for. You never know what your roots are, except for the fact that you are an INDIAN.


If religion becomes the criteria of citizenship today, then tomorrow it will be caste/creed/region, and no one, I bet no one will be there fighting for your right. Because when you were rejoicing for the fact that people of the religion will be thrown out of a country, you choose to see religion, not the human.

NOTE - This is a fictional work. Any resemblance to Past/Present/Future is a mere coincidence.


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