Who led the students out? Understanding CAA 2019 and NRC


Citizenship of a nation gives a person the rights of a citizen of that country. These rights are common for every citizen irrespective of their Religion, Castes, Creed, and Races. One of the crucial rights of a citizen, in a nation, is the "RIGHT TO VOTE", which gives a citizen the power to elect his/her political representative.

In India, the word "CITIZENSHIP" is in controversies since the CAB became CAA. The controversies are so powerful that they lead to the eruption of leaderless protests, in India's prestigious educational institutions and cities. The protest came into the Limelight after the police brutality on the Jamia Milia Islamia students.

The protests in India are the consequences of the Citizenship Amendment Act.

Does the enforcement of this law, deprive the fundamental right of an Indian citizen?

"I am an Indian", assert every Indian proudly. Does the pride associated with the assertion is in danger?

Does this act affect the citizenship of existing Indian on religious lines?

Is this law politically motivated or the part of a bigger conspiracy to make a sect beg for their statehood?

With millions of doubts surfacing in your mind, let's understand the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)2019.

Keypoints of CAA 2019

  1. The Act grants citizenship to undocumented non-Muslim minorities (Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Parsi, Jain, and Sikh) from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh who had completed 5 years of residence in India (came to India on or before Dec 31, 2014).
  2. However states included in sixth schedule ie Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, and states protected by IPL (Inner Line Permit) i.e. Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Nagaland, Manipur are excluded from the act.

This act was brought after amending the third schedule of the Act of Citizenship i.e. Citizenship by Naturalisation.

Points to Ponder

Muslims from these 3 nations and minorities from other countries can apply for citizenship as per CAA 1955 ( they had to prove minimum residence of 11 years in the country).

  1. Our courteous and benevolent Prime Minister(PM) and Home Minister(HM) are welcoming non-muslims religiously persecuted refugees. I would be happier to appreciate the magnanimity of India's PM if he would have focused on the grievances of religiously persecuted minorities from other neighboring countries too. Like Madeshi's Hindu from Nepal, Tamilian Hindu in Srilanka, Buddhists in Tibet, Christians in Bhutan, and Rohingyas Muslim from Myanmar( who are the victim instead of being Muslim).
  2. I would advise the kind-hearted leader to invite all religiously persecuted minorities throughout the world and grant them Indian Citizenship. An additional advantage of doing this is that PM will set an example for the rest of the world.
  3. It is a known fact throughout the world that the Indian government has miraculously failed to preserve the interest of its own minorities (Junaid, Tabrez, Akhlaq, Pehlu Khan, and many more). Still, govt is illusionary optimistic to give employment, House, Food to other nations people. Hail Govt. Hail!
  4. India Govt has failed in providing employment to its youth, ranked at 102 in the global hunger index, and ranks 129 in the human development index. To become a topper in the population India's government is giving citizenship to people who have completed 5 years in India till 31st Dec 2014, provided they are non-muslim.
  5. Though this new population will be a liability for a nation that is struggling with the man-made( Leader made) economic crisis. This surplus population will enhance pressure on our available natural resources. Do you know? Why the government is not worried about sustainable development because that's not B.J.P promised in their manifesto!

CAA 2019 and India's Secular Fabric

The CAA 2019 is against the secular fabric of the soul of the constitution(The Preamble). This law violates Article 15 of India's Constitution( which restricts state to discriminate on the ground of caste, creed, religion, gender, etc.).

Moreover, CAA 2019 doesn't completely ban citizenship to Muslims, Muslims have to wait for a short span of 11 years to say “I am Indian”. While for non-muslim the span is merely 5 years. Such is the non-discriminatory nature of CAA-2019.

On the other hand, non-muslim refugees (Hindu, Christian, Parsi, Sikh, Buddhist) can claim their citizenship just by saying that "We were religiously persecuted in our country (Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh)".

This act is a brutal attack on Gandhi's, Ambedkar, Nehru, Bhagat Singh's Idea of India. This law allows India to discriminate on a religious basis and will widen the rift between religions. Thus, now, you will witness legal discrimination by a state. The act violates Article 14 (equality before the law, to all humans dwelling in the nation ). Even though India's Government brazenly argues that it is protecting the right of religious persecuted minorities from 3 countries.

CAA and Contradictions

Earlier B.J.P called refugees a threat to the nation's security. But now, since it is the government narrative has changed about refugees. The new narrative is that only non-muslim refugees are religious persecuted minorities and not the threat. This is called the paradigm shift. What a strategic move by B.J.P to enhance their vote bank!

This act has stepped over the Passport Act 1920, and the foreigner Act 1946. Central government claims One Nation One Policy but excluding six states is contradictory to the government's assertion.

I decided to not mix CAA 2019 and NRC, but couldn't resist as our H.M in parliament said that "NRC is coming, Just keep that in mind, very soon" after CAB became CAA. If our H.M is unable to see both issues in different contexts, Why should I not comply with H.M opinion? After ordinary expenses of 1600 crore, NRC was exercised in Assam. Does as a nation with soaring G.D.P, Is NRC feasible?

The government repeatedly argues that CAA 2019 will not affect Muslim citizens of India. True it won't, as it will affect only those illiterates and poor people who will fail to provide a legal document to be in the National Register of Citizen. But if they are Muslim, they will be told, "Go to Pakistan" and if non-muslim they will be told, "Bro, It's your nation". Still, I believe NRC and CAA are not targeting any specific community.

The hasty imposition of Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure in UP and Karnataka reflects government intention to suppress disagreeing voices. Frequent shutting of internet services is an undemocratic act, but I strongly admire the indifferent attitude of the government (Let the students die and the library burnt down).


  1. Giving citizenship to undocumented refugees may be a threat to national security, so the government must reconsider this aspect.
  2. India's economy doesn't have enough resources for its own. Is it to ready to accommodate newly imported liabilities?
  3. Religion must not be a criterion for citizenship as it will hamper harmony within the nation
  4. This act violates the constitution of India and the idea of India.
  5. People should protest as it shows that democracy is still alive and make sure that protests should be peaceful.


  1. Hi Anubhav,

    After reading this I can say that your views on CAA & NRC found biased maybe because of mistake or intentionally. Let me elaborate on each point:-

    1) CAA is based on Nehru Liyakat agreement i.e. to provide citizenship to minorities coming from either of Nation ( India & Pakistan) but Congress govt failed to do it till now. Secondly in act word Persecuted is not used which means people can come when they want.

    2) Secondly, Muslims can also come but they have to follow normal present rules of citizenship that is long Visa of 11 yrs.

    3) Why not from other nations because at a time we are addressing one problem. Before many Tamils also got citizenship by Congress govt.

    4) One more thing legally anybody from any country can apply for citizenship for India.

    5) Why did you not focus on violence by Students & protestors which they are doing i.e. stone pelting, burning buses & cars.

    6) 144 is used for controlling situation i.e. Law & order.

    7) You said about unemployment will increase due to CAA, I may say people already are living here just they will get citizenship & it is for people who have already cane before 2014

    Please be unbias & I am may say NRC is very mandatory for a Nation because of security aspects. Every country has its own NRC.

  2. My dear friend,
    I realized that you are looking at the article from the political angle but I would like to say that I have nothing to do with politics(point 1&3).
    I have already briefed citizenship provision for Muslims so there is no point of sarcasm(point 2&4)
    And I contend there is no statement which insinuates CAA relation to unemployment (point 7)
    And I strongly condemn the violence of any form, and I urged people for peaceful protest (point 5&6)
    I am not biased, this article has the intention of overcoming delusions and spread awareness about CAA among youth and common people.
    Finally, I am grateful to you that you find this you expressed your views, more ever I would welcome you to give valid points for your assertion that NRC is mandatory for the nation's security and CAA is not against secular fabric of Our nation-INDIA.


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