What does God blessed you with? Know your innate qualities.

By - Abhudai Pal 

“When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries

and you rejoice.”   Indian Proverb.

People around you celebrated at your birth i.e. they were happy, Is not that a reason to be happy? Then why does the world made the above quote akin to vengeance i.e. they cry, you laugh etc.

I believe the reason of people happiness at your birth was, 
"Welcome dear, within a few years you will be like us".

When you were born, you were unaware of characteristics, which are against the human intuition/conscience. You were completely unaware of sorrows, cheating, lying, jealousy, hatred, guilt, cursing other etc.

You were born with love, affection, care, honesty, truthfulness, companionship, enthusiasm, creativity, smile, helpfulness and amiability.

Why is it so? These are inbuilt characteristics of humans designated to you by the supreme authority.

Have you noticed?
When you tell lies? Cheat in an exam to score more? Cheat with your love? Become Insincere to your work? Complain about a person?  Discourage someone? Seek external Validation? How do you feel?

Did you feel Satisfied, Motivated or Happy? 

If not, then something must be wrong with the process. You lied, cheated for your benefit, still Unhappy!

WhyThe reason for your unhappiness is clear. You did something against your inner self to gain illegitimate profit. If you scored 40% in an exam with your hard work. The joy of scoring 40% is zillion times more than scoring 80% marks after cheating. Isn’t it so?

Etch this in your mind, if you do anything against your inbuilt system of good qualities, you might succeed in the world but your conscience will haunt you, reminding you of your illegitimate acts.

The inbuilt system created by supreme authority is powerful that you can’t turn it off. You might be able to lower the intensity of your conscience. But silencing it is impossible in life.

With n number of business and startup. Why only a few make it to the top position in their respective field?

Hard-work, Perseverance, patience, do matter but the business which doesn’t succeed tries to make an illegitimate profit, they compromise with the principle of honesty.

Instead of solving, they engage themselves in selling. The top companies believe in solving thus they succeed. 
It all seems abstract and might push you to reject all this.

But would do yourself a favor? Get on Road, cheat someone today, it may be monetary, emotionally, or dodging someone.

Sit comfortably for 5 minutes in silence. If the thoughts of
cheating don’t circumvent you, that’s great and if they pop up. Ask why? 

Remember, nature is powerful, anything which opposes nature’s law won’t be rewarding in the long run. Thus, you
have a reason, to be honest, sincere, respectful, truthful, and friendly with fellow human beings.

The opposite of all this will degrade you morally and spiritually.

Choose wisely!

You are an honest, calm, sincere, loving, moral, spiritual, and enthusiastic by virtue of your birth. Thus regaining all this and leaving the world with qualities you are born with will be the greatest achievement of your life.

1- You cried and the world rejoiced at your birth.

2- You were born with all knowledge/wisdom to differentiate between good/bad.

3- Your conscience will prick you for every wrong deed.

4- Oppose anything but not the laws of nature!

5- Dying with all the qualities you were born with will be your greatest achievement of life. Hope you will be able to do it!

Pic credit - Unsplash 


  1. Great narrative ! Very assuring..
    Love reading articles which starts with a quote, captures my attention.

    1. Thank you, we will keep your suggestion in mind.


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